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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

I like the ten speed. I like the big apeish creature. This is a beautiful simple shirt and it’s awesome. Am I right? Am I right here? This is how Big Foot evades capture and even clear photography. He’s on the move fast on the bicycle. He’s got incredible leg strength and can really move the two wheels. Probably even faster than the fastest dudes in the peloton, which reminds me…I love bicycle race crashes. I could watch them for six hours straight. I’m generally not an evil person. I generally don’t wish people ill will, especially those that choose to spend their time competing in a sport that keeps them physically fit, but when they’re in a tight pack and someone goes down, then they all start going down, I get a little giddy. Maybe I’m sharing too much. Maybe too much of my darkness has now clouded over this site. But, there’s something to be said for honesty. I especially love them when there’s a premature celebration.

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Moon Flamingo T Shirt

by on March 15, 2010

You know the astronauts are getting comfy up on the moon when they start adding the neighborhood kitsch to the yard. The pink flamingo on the front lawn is the cherry on top to a settled domicile. This is exactly why I think there are communities on the moon right now.  You saw Moon with Sam Rockwell. That’s sci-fi and it was only an energy harvesting station, but take that a little further and you have little bungalos, lawn, picket fences, secret dalliances between neighboring parents, and dogs shitting on the petunia patch. Very happy little American Moon Dream.

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I have no idea what is going on here. Some kind of rodent, squirrel or chipmunk, with an Indian headdress and a ruff collar.

I do think this ukulele playing lesbian was at least a quarter of the inspiration for this whack (in a good way) design.

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Sort of interesting concept. Yes, they’re sort of making fun, because MP3 players blow doors on the shitty analog tape players. But, again, there’s a more tactile and auditory pleasure in some of the big buttons that you push. The whirring of the winding tape. The importance of taking care of a one-of-a-kind mix tape.

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This is a great analysis of the benefit, fund-raising culture. Especially, stuff like the red shirt thing. Mostly, this charities pop up to benefit the organization and the promoters. It’s a quickie math equation. How much exposure and goodwill can I garner per unit of effort on this cause. Flip side is maybe something is better than nothing. Even if only 10 percent of the funds actually directly benefit the intended recipients that’s still something and perhaps you don’t get the celebrities and  corporations involved unless there’s a bottom line benefit to them.

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Big thumbs up for the combination of wordplay and hardcore code graphic. Code is to the 10s like cocaine is to the 80s. It’s an epidemic, but it may have more staying power because it props up a more sustainable industry than the 80s drug trade. This makes it much scarier because the kids hopped up on Ephedrine and Mountain Dew are pumping out copious amounts of the stuff that make the world go ’round.

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California wants to secede from the Union in sort of whimsical way. More light-hearted than Texas’ perpetual arrogant bigger and better than the rest threat.

No, this California Republic movement takes Cali at present all into account: failing economy, meat-head guvnor, a runaway illegal alien population, earthquakes, fires, celebrities, ground-breaking green movement, brown outs, water shortage, potential pot legalization and Fresno.

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First, be careful. This image is pretty graphic. Looks like that dude got some blood-like tranny fluid on his schmock. If you can get past that, here’s what you need to think about this shirt.

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Hey, if Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize even though he’s increased defense spending in the U.S., we might as well start giving away the prize for things that warm the heart and fill the belly. That’s a noble Nobel. It’s the Nobel Pies.

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Seems like, not only does Kanye steal samples from other artists, he steals style from other generations. Apparently, King Tut had a pair of them shutter shades that Kanye wears in that Stronger video. Before I go on, can I tell you that that song is a total piece of duke. Any of that Mr. Roboto voice modulation shit is an automatic turn off, almost as repellant as soprano sax.

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This is a lesser known march completed by Napoleon Bonaparte. He had his army storm Normandy on Beach Cruisers. You have to remember at this time, this bicycle technology was very, very cutting edge and it simply baffled the opponents.

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There comes a time in everyone’s life where you just have to take a stand. Make up your mind, which way you’re going to go, choose a side, go down the high road or load road or one of the forks in the road.

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