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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

First you need to know what a Mexican Sugar Skull is. Basically, during Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), people offer up these sugar skulls at the alter in remembrance. It’s sacred and spooky and sweet, just like Mexico. Naturally, Snorg Tees took this tradition and combined it with Star Wars and came up with the Sugar Skull Storm Trooper T Shirt.

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Second is the Best T Shirt

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Just ask Hertz. Ask the late Pope John Paul (the second). Ask economists, Lipsey and Lancaster who developed the Theory of Second Best to describe what happens when you have a problem with an economic system, sometimes it is better to leave it alone. Why, because it may actually cancel out another problem or trying to solve the one would lead to others. I say, excellence rather than perfection and so does this shirt. No one wants to be lonely up on the very top. It is better to be just a tiny bit lower down the rung where people are hungry and have life. Once you’ve made it, you’re done.

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Get This Tee From Tshirt Hell

Capping is slang for shooting dead. Fools is slang for anybody that you don’t agree with or have a beef with. Capping fools is shooting people you have issues with. You know…the very mature and evolved way of handling business. Capping FOOLS is a pun and wordplay and all kinds of goofiness, which pokes a little fun at the thug life. And I like it, but don’t the gangbangers that.

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This design definitely makes me laugh. The pockets, the badge, the perfect tie and clip, and the tool belt…that’s funny looking. I’m afraid I don’t even know exactly what Officer Friendly is. There’s a Youtube post about The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes, calling him officer friendly. There seems to be a band named Officer Friendly.

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Get this Shirt From Design by Humans

I like this one. That one astronaut lives by the code: “just gotta be me.” So, everybody has their white spacesuit on, this dude had a custom suit put together, along with special blue space paint on the helmet. Let’s not forget the yellow appendages. If the aliens are out there and looking for someone to rever, who do you think they’re going to approach. That’s right. Pink.

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That’s a serious hose attachment. It’s not something you can just go to Home Depot to pick up. You have to have a license to carry that thing around your yard, and even with that license you cannot take it beyond a 25 foot perimeter of your immediate property.

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Get this Shirt From Tshirt Bordello

What’s so special about this one you ask. Well, I’m certainly glad you did ask. Yes, it’s the phrase Churchill cooked up to keep the general populace of England in a somewhat sane , non-hysterical place, while being bombed to hell by Germany.

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Get This Shirt from Snorg Tees

It’s wordplay. Hooray! Sign language sure is handy in that you use your hands, and let me tell you, this design’s humor goes even deeper, because if you’re deaf or want to communicate with someone that can’t hear, sign language comes in very handy. Double meaning. Right here! Right now! Plus, look at the design. In harkens back to late 60s poster art, which was the golden age of poster art, except for maybe like the 1850s in France.

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Yes, they literally do grow on you, but in reality you have to have serious perserverance to grow a beard long enough so that having it actually grows on you. Otherwise, it’s like an itchy dead animal stuck to your face. I’ve never been able to hang on long enough to grow a beard that hangs down off my face, but I imagine that’s really when you become attached.

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Altitude Sickness T Shirt

by on February 10, 2013


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That skeleton astronaut is throwing up a colorful collage of letters, characters, apes, and speech bubbles. It’s too much to take in in one sitting. I’m a little dizzy after looking at that for five minutes. The summary is skull puking rainbow.

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Cover Me T Shirt

by on January 31, 2013


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Not quite what you think of when cops are working together in a shoot out to catch the bad guy. However, maybe this cop has the flu and has the chills all of a sudden. It would be perfectly reasonable to expect that your cop partner would indeed cover you in a blanket. Or it could be a miscommunication. Cop is going to jump from the bed to get a better angle and wants some cover, but his stupid partner sees the blanket and decides to put that on his partner instead.

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Get this Shirt From Tshirt Hell

People will walk around and look at the back of your shirt, then it will slowly begin to dawn on them that the six words were “I have six words for you.” Then they’ll shake their head and see the world in a different light. The absurdity they experience will be the closest thing to an acid trip they’ll get without licking Mickey Mouse stamps.

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