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Meme T Shirts: If they went viral on the Internet, the memes found their way onto T-shirts.

bustedtees.6fd1ee98 d6e4 4a88 88c1 037368d1 Kitten Mittons   you will be smitten

Kitten Mittons, you will be smitten! I just watched that crazy guy try to sell mittens to put on a cat’s paws??? This is another one of the many Internet pop culture tees featured on this site. I have to admit that if you’re not in the Internet meme world wouldn’t understand. I also have to admit that the Kitten Mittons commercial is about the dumbest pice of comedy I have seen in quite a long time. But it did make me laugh a little and I would probably go back for more from this wacky dude.

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i may be crazy heather fullpic I May Be Crazy But At Least I Have Each Other (Heather)

Another Internet cultural meme, inside joke, quirky t-shirt that has an association with a cat meme. Most of what I can find says, “I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other!” and features a cute kitty that looks crazy. You can see it in the eyes of that little milk drinking, schizo feline. This is like when I tell people that I know that I am not paranoid, it is just that everyone’s out to get me. People are obviously not out to get me but it sure seems that way and I am so glad that, “when I am alone, I am together.”

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i survived the mishapocalypse 2013 t shirt I Survived The Mishapocalypse 2013 T Shirt

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The Mishapocalypse was an online flash mob on Tumblr for April Fools this year. Misha Collins is a star on the show Supernatural, and that show, for some reason, is massively popular on Tumblr. Somebody decided that everybody should change their Tumblr avatars to Misha on April 1 to celebrate the man and his work.

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ron swanson grumpy cat t shirt Ron Swanson and Grumpy Cat T Shirt

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Parks and Recreation!

Ron’s kind of a grumpy dude. And grumpy cat is certainly grumpy. So, even though you’d think Mr. Swanson would be more of a dog guy, he seems to have a certain affinity for the creature with a similar temperament  Plus, grumpy cat loves meat just like Ron does. Pretty nice pairing right here.

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U Mad Bro T Shirt

by on March 26, 2013

u mad bro t shirt U Mad Bro T ShirtGet this Shirt from Five Finger Tees

Classic meme. I love the simplicity of the shirt. Cool bubble letter font. Now, I don’t suggest you start poking and prodding at people to get them riled up just so you can point at your shirt. However, if someone is being a complete douche and you put them in their place and they’re brooding, then you probably need to unzip the hoodie and ask them the big question.

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and yet despite the look on my face youre still talking t shirt And Yet Despite the Look on My Face Youre Still Talking T Shirt

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Is this some sort of cat meme. I’m not exactly sure where this comes from but judging from my research it seems to be very popular. I can’t find anything else, so I’m sticking with the cat theory.

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so slender t shirt So Slender Tree Dude T Shirt

Get This Tee From 6 Dollar Shirts

I have no idea what this design is about, but it sure does look cool with the dude in a suit kind of fading in and out of his material being. Becoming a man then turning into mist around the trees. He really can’t seem to get his head anywhere near physically formed, so his face remains a mystery.

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Hello Grumpy T Shirt

by on February 19, 2013

hello grumpy kitty t shirt Hello Grumpy T Shirt

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It’s Grumpy Kitty done up like Hello Kitty. This is epic cuteness. Hooray! It’s a cat meme mashed up with an iconic cat. Basically, this tee may melt the Internet. I do like those dark bags around the eyes and the frown. Really does give you the impression that the cat is not happy.

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Based Snail T Shirt

by on February 16, 2013

based snail t shirt Based Snail T Shirt

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I like this lo-fi design with the head of Lil B (aka the Based God, aka Brandon McCartney) on the body of a cartoon snail. It’s the Photoshop work of a 5th grader, which makes it super awesome. It gives it that Based feeling, and the randomness of the snail adds a touch of hallucination.

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cowboy samurai viking robot knight ninja pirate vs 1 million zombies t shirt Cowboy Samurai Viking Robot Knight Ninja Pirate VS a Million Zombies T Shirt

Get this Shirt From Design By Humans

Our protagonist is a mix of all the most awesome heroes you can think of, so design the massive outnumbering, our man might just have a chance. Luckily, he got up on that little mound, so he’s got a good vantage and a little leverage. Let’s just hope he’s been able to turn all the disparate parts into a cohesive unit. Otherwise, he’s undeadski.

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epic combo 23 t shirt Astronaut Unicorn Rainbow Epic Combo T Shirt

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Certainly epic business going on here. Astronaut riding a unicorn in space jumping through circle rainbows. Well done. Well done. And, we’re still all on board with astronauts being considered epic, along with dinosaurs, sharks, bears, machine guns, and Chuck Norris?

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Zombie Corps Polo Shirt

by on December 3, 2012

zombie corps polo shirt Zombie Corps Polo Shirt

Get This Shirt From 604 Republic

Another beautiful stitched design. How can you not appreciate the hunched over zombie silhouette, the shotguns, and the axes? You cannot not not not appreciate that stuff. It’s too good, especially if you can wear it to work because it meets the dress code.

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