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Nerdy T Shirts: Any t-shirt that talks about nerdy stuff or uses the word nerd, has found it’s way here.

Globetrotter University
Geek-o-rama! Or Futurama! This is from Futurama, the sci-fi cartoon from Adult Swim. I don’t understand this stuff but it is very geeky and I resemble that. I have turned on the TV late at night and caught a little Futurama wondering why I was still awake and if I someone had dosed me with LSD. Futurama combines cool, futuristic stuff, weird geekiness with dark, dead-pan humor. Very creative and a bit off from the norm.

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Video Games Ruined My Life T-Shirt
OMG, my eyes hurt, I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome, arthritis and a stiff neck. I have been playing video games incessantly, obsessively and I cannot stop. They’ve ruined my life @!*$&% But, I have 2 more lives left and I may be able to pick up an extra life pretty soon if I can past these Kuppa Truppa’s and get to the Lilac Forests to Evernon.

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I’ve always wanted the wormhole mapped out in an easy to understand graphic on a t-shirt, so I could study it instead of looking at my navel or looking at Words with Friends while I’m driving. Basically, if I get this one in time it will save my life. And it will probably save yours as well, so go ahead and get it right now, before you slip into another Breakfast Club trivia Internet wormhole for five hours.

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Nena! Luft Balloons!

With some geeky 8-bit humor mashed in there. Very nice shirt. Please do not talk to me about Goldfinger. Had to wade through like 9 different versions of their cover of this song, before I got to the real one on Youtube. Quick, someone count…is there really 99 balloons there? I bet there is. Would be funny if there was like 83 or something corny like that.

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Get This Shirt From Snorg Tees

The nerds and jocks and Lotharios all love the boobies trick on the calculator. It’s a MAN thing. Actually, what it really is is a it’s okay to be a calculator nerd thing. Otherwise, if you’re using a calculator to calculate sums and figure out mathematical problems, then your manhood is suspect.

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That’s a dinosaur and he existed at some point and then there was the Ice Age or as the pundits used to call it back in those times. Global cooling. What this shirt is saying is that we’re fucked and are poised to go the way of Atlantis. Goodbye oh cruel world.

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Quantum Physics T Shirt

by on December 27, 2012


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It’s complicated everybody. Quantum physics is complicated. If you have a relationship with quantum physics and it’s complicated then this shirt is specifically for you. And the fact that you ran into the design is basically a miracle.

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Nice detail on this fine Spaceship Timeline t-shirt design. Can you name all of the “ships?” If you can, do so in the comments. I know there’s some Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and the hyperdermic needle from Trainspotters, but that’s all I’m good for.

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Go Sports T Shirt

by on October 11, 2012

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If you really want to prove that you’re a nerd and have no sports team affinities, and have no idea about sports, nor do you care, then this Go Sports t-shirt is definitely one that you should consider purchasing and wearing frequently. It really just trivializes sports, which is probably what most sports need, since many are taken way too seriously.

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Get This Shirt From 604 Republic

Shout out to all the geeks out there. Basically, the geekiest badge of all time with Star Trek, computers, science, glasses, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Aliens, Zelda and Mario Bros, and more represented.

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Get This Shirt From Snorg Tees

Alright. This one is for all you word nerd, grammer fuckers out there. You’re welcome. See I even put the apostrophe in the right place. I, personally, could not, literally, care, one iota less if people used the word literally wrong.

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Great use of the name tag and the period table of the elements and the word nerd. ALL ON ONE SHIRT! Have you ever seen a garment jam packed with so much wonderful stuff as this offering. I have not. And, if you’re a nerd, you probably creamed your pants when you saw this design. No doubt.

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