Five Finger Tees Reviewed

Five Finger Tees: They’re a steal and the designs are cool, and I review them as they release new ones each week.

Video Games Ruined My Life T-Shirt
OMG, my eyes hurt, I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome, arthritis and a stiff neck. I have been playing video games incessantly, obsessively and I cannot stop. They’ve ruined my life @!*$&% But, I have 2 more lives left and I may be able to pick up an extra life pretty soon if I can past these Kuppa Truppa’s and get to the Lilac Forests to Evernon.

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Bacteria, It's the Only Culture Some People Have

Five Finger Tees discount 11.95 only
Some people have no culture and some are just simply very cultured with bacteria. These days, they sell yogurt with an abundance of bacteria (bifidus regularis) – what is that. Some made up name that sounds like a real name for bacteria but just works for marketing purposes. It makes people think that if they eat this product, they will be regular because of all this bacteria with the term, “regular” in its name. Just a bunch of bull. You are eating living organisms sweetened with sugar – with or without fruit at the bottom. Good deal on this shirt though :)

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Oh Crop from Five Finger Tees

Get this Oh Crop from Five Finger Tees
Oh crop, I just took your head off. Thankfully, I can hit ctrl + Z and undo that. I love geeky shirts like this with a funny quip. People get these right away when you’re walking around Disneyland. I always get grins, smiles and sometimes tiny harassment. T Shirts from Five Finger Tees are actually very reasonable, simple and hilarious. Funny Shirts for geeks, chics and preppy cheeks.

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Pizza Planet T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


Get this Shirt from Five Finger Tees

Toy Story!

Serving your local star cluster. Call mission control for a delivery shuttle. Buzz Lightyear is hoping aboard so they can find Andy. Apparently, there’s a thing with the Pizza Planet truck — it’s in all the Toy Story movies — so this shirt will definitely become a collectors item in no more than 37 years.

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Get this Shirt From Five Finger Tees

I always forget that May 4 is a Star Wars thing now. And, it’s incredible to me because there a clever little sense of humor to the whole thing. May the Fourth. Come on. It’s someone saying the classic Star Wars line with a lisp and now we celebrate the movie franchise officially on the fourth day of May. That’s crazy.

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miskatonic-university-arkham-massachusetts-t-shirtGet This Shirt from Five Finger Tees

H.P. Lovecraft! Cthulhu Mythos. It’s so odd to me what gets picked up and carried by the future generations. Why is H.P. Lovecraft so super popular? He was publishing in the early-20th Century. You know like 1900s. I guess if other artists pick up the torch, and carry him decade by decade, and the writing is way ahead of its time, then it makes sense that even in 2013, Mr. Lovecraft gets love from the t-shirt world.

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move-over-coffee-this-is-a-job-for-alcohol-t-shirtGet this Shirt From Five Finger Tees

Sometimes you need the jolt of caffeine to get your mind crankin’. Sometimes you need to loosen the tongue and release the inhibitions. I do it a little different than most. To work up the courage I chug my Fair Trade Costa Rican and then jump up on the girl I’ve zeroed in on and overwhelm her with manic, spastic ENERGY. Then when it’s time to really sell the client on the upgrade, boy, I take a coupla three shots of grain alcohol.

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Get This Shirt From Five Finger Tees

Now this is a tribute shirt I can get behind. Albert Einstein. Wise man. Brilliant scientist. And, of course, the hair. Rarely do you get an Einstein tee without ridiculous words or him sticking his tongue out, or him writing nonsense on a chalkboard. This is just straight up love for the man and his beautiful contribution to society…the work on the development of the a-bomb not withstanding.

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U Mad Bro T Shirt

by on March 26, 2013

u-mad-bro-t-shirtGet this Shirt from Five Finger Tees

Classic meme. I love the simplicity of the shirt. Cool bubble letter font. Now, I don’t suggest you start poking and prodding at people to get them riled up just so you can point at your shirt. However, if someone is being a complete douche and you put them in their place and they’re brooding, then you probably need to unzip the hoodie and ask them the big question.

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Get This Shirt From Five Finger Tees

Tremors!!! The Graboid was the Dirt Dragon in Tremors movie franchise and TV show. They were obviously nothing to mess with, which is clear on this design that offers a serious warning. If you’re into obscure early aught entertainment then this shirt was designed with you in mind. You’re welcome.

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Get This Shirt From Five Finger Tees

Is this some sort of cat meme. I’m not exactly sure where this comes from but judging from my research it seems to be very popular. I can’t find anything else, so I’m sticking with the cat theory.

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knock-knock-knock-penny-t-shirtGet this Shirt from Five Finger Shirts

Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper is always knocking on Penny’s door. She indulges him, because he’s harmless if not a little annoying. Plus, it wouldn’t be much of a show if the hot blonde didn’t engage with the nerds across the hall.

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