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Awesome Sports Logos Coupon: 15% off your purchase using code groove at checkout.

What’s the name of your shop? Your name? Your role?

Awesome Sports Logos is our name and story and our store is located at
I am the Founder and President of the company. My role is to spread the word about the company in as many ways as we can. I oversee all of the aspects of the logo design, the quality of the t-shirts and all of the social media and marketing for the company. We are a husband and wife crew and my wife Rian is such a huge help and like me, loves this company. When you are a startup, you do everything and I think that actually makes the journey that much more special.

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be-the-change-t-shirtIf the combination of sassy attitude and being green appeals to you, I suggest you go check out Jamila Smith’s Kickstarter for her company Be Th3 Change.

Here are a few more examples of the shirt designs she’s offering, including the Baby Got Green Back design that sort of makes me tingle.

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beard-diversity-animal-kingdom-t-shirtGet This Shirt From Fraggles and Friggles

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Let’s see…what animals do we have here. Emporer Tamarin. Big Horn Goat. Bearded Reedling. Schnauzer. If you’re into the facial hair of monkeys, goats, birds, and dogs, then this shirt was designed specifically for you. I mean how much synchronicity do you need before you take action. Basically, you, Fraggles and Fraggles and the Universe just came together for an amazing gathering.

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Get this Sweatshirt From Twantard

Hey now…Twantard’s got sweatshirts. Some kind of hieroglyphic, mole-faced magpie man dancing like Old Time Relijun was playing that same song that exorcised his demons last time they were in town.

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Get this Shirt From Tee Turtle

Game of Thrones! Tyrion Lannister! Peter Dinklage!

What a great design. Some people don’t particularly like the half man and his quick, acerbic wit. Nor his plotting and scheming  Nor his arrogant manner. But, he’s got style and a personality, and he knows he’s not for everybody, which makes him that much more engaging and entertaining.

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Get this Shirt from TopatoCo

Is that a cross between a cat and beaver? Or squirrel and mouse? Either way, she’s cool and this shirt is super stupendous…so simple, so poignant, yet so edgy too. Napping alone is good. Napping with someone is great. Napping with someone who has agreed after you call them a motherfucker is triumphant.

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Get This Shirt From DSF Clothing Company

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Who can you trust to give you the best shake if not this Morton Salt girl, who’s now all grown up and sexy?

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Mr. Eggplant T Shirt

by on March 27, 2013


Get This Shirt from Crywolf Clothing

You gotta like Mr. Eggplant. Look at that fun-loving dude. Don’t you want to hang out with him? I do. If you do I have a terrific idea. Get some construction paper and some markers, glue and glitter. Just kidding. Don’t do that. The only thing you have to do to hang out with Mr. Eggplant is get the shirt and he can be smiling on your chest any time you like.

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Get This Shirt From Breathe Atlantic

Is this a good place to be? Seems like it might be kind of exciting. But, I don’t know anything about the sea, and the most exciting thing I have going is making that left turn into the parking lot at work WITHOUT FLICKING ON MY TURN SIGNAL. So, I might be romanticizing the dark mysteries envelope a phrase like between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

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Get This Shirt From Saucewear

Every time I see one of these cat movie mashups from Captain Feline, I marvel at how amazing the design is. If you love the cats and Star Wars, I’m not sure how you still haven’t purchased this tee yet. You were born to wear this one. It is your destiny. I mean look at that Death Star subtly floating in the background. And that flowing cape.

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Get this Shirt From DSF Clothing Company

This may seem like cruel and unusual punishment but you don’t know what that damn bird did to warrant being executed at the crack of dawn. I mean you get a sense of the heartlessness of that raven (or is it a crow…everybody is afraid to ask) just by the way the cigarette sits on his beak, and the way he stands askance with his head turned away. Like he’s looking deep into the soul’s of the bloodthirsty audience. The blindfold can’t obstruct that kind of vision.

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Own Your Life T Shirt

by on March 20, 2013


Get This Shirt from Luckless Clothing Company

It’s not often that I run into a t-shirt design that appeals to me on two levels: the message and the design. This offering is certainly an exception because I love that gorilla with the crown, and I really need to work on the “own your life” part. You can’t just be tossed and turned by the tides of life, you need to get out there and take the hits and keep moving forward.

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