Food T Shirts Reviewed

Food T Shirts: Probably 65% bacon in this food shirt roundup, but there’s other stuff. Pancakes, fruit, meat, etc.


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It’s good to be well rounded and to let people know you are, so you can be a light and an encouragement for them to do the same. Cultivating your spirituality and eating great french fries is pretty much the smartest path to a fulfilling life. I mean a lot of it depends on the quality of the ketchup you use, but that can be managed fairly easily.

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Pizza Planet T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


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Toy Story!

Serving your local star cluster. Call mission control for a delivery shuttle. Buzz Lightyear is hoping aboard so they can find Andy. Apparently, there’s a thing with the Pizza Planet truck — it’s in all the Toy Story movies — so this shirt will definitely become a collectors item in no more than 37 years.

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Sushi T Shirt

by on March 31, 2013


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Ah, that’s the cutest little design ever. Isn’t it? Well, unless you let your mind wander from how sweet the little rice puffs with their comfy fish blankets look to death by halotosis-enveloped man mouth. I still like it, because life is short and you have to celebrate the good things, before it all goes to shit.

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Just d’oh it T Shirt

by on March 30, 2013


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Homer dunking a donut like a star basketball player with major hops. I guess I can see Homer getting up high to throw a donut dunk down if it’s like a rebound and he’s trying to keep the donut from falling into the hands of his opponents. As he’s skying and tussing the donut goes through the hoop. Then he eats it.

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It’s nice to know there’s a t-shirt out there that features a muffin of death. It’s comforting, especially when it’s a cute muffin filled with scary ingredients like skulls, bones, and dead creatures. I tasted one of these in Malaysia and it was delicious. I ended up eating at least a dozen over the course of three days.

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Mr. Eggplant T Shirt

by on March 27, 2013


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You gotta like Mr. Eggplant. Look at that fun-loving dude. Don’t you want to hang out with him? I do. If you do I have a terrific idea. Get some construction paper and some markers, glue and glitter. Just kidding. Don’t do that. The only thing you have to do to hang out with Mr. Eggplant is get the shirt and he can be smiling on your chest any time you like.

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Tower of Pancakes T Shirt

by on February 27, 2013


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That is an enormous stack of pancakes. There’s at least a dozen on that plate, dripping with butter, and drizzled with syrup. Isn’t it weird that there are those days where you can just eat a dozen pancakes. It’s like the same mass of food as four sandwiches, which you could never eat, but for some reason the pancakes can just keep going down.

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Devil Pizza T Shirt

by on February 23, 2013


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Devilishly odd design right here. But, it all seems to make sense in the end. The horns blend well with the tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. And, then there’s the lovely pointy shape of the pizza slice. It’s a perfect stand in for the devil with his pointy beard.

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Pizza Entrance T Shirt

by on February 20, 2013


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I love this shirt. The lips. The teeth. The font. The color. And the concept of calling this gaping hole of a mouth, the pizza entrance. Funny. Simple. Easily accessible. One glance and people know exactly what this shirt is about and it makes them happy, especially since pizza is comfort food.

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Beets By Schrute T Shirt

by on February 19, 2013


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Hello! It’s a shirt shout out to that amazing show The Office. And, of course, Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight Schrute…and his beet farm.

Good show. Plus, I really think this shirt is very nice looking. That Schrute beet farm logo is really cool. Reminds of a chioggia beet for some reason. Look it up.

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“The hardest boil in South Philly.” I’m pretty sure I have no idea what this means, but if it’s Philly and on a shirt and green, I can guess it has something to do with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Come with me as we do a little digging into the origins of this shirt. I will be using the Internet as my research tool.

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Wow. This bottle of extra virgin olive oil skipped right over the virgin step (3rd base), and right to olive oil. Now, the next step is being cold pressed, but that something that really can’t be shown on a publicly accessible web page. We would need one of those goofy confirm your age screens before you got to the cold pressing.

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