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News T Shirts: As soon as the news hits tees get designed in this day and age. I try to keep up with the big news shirts here.


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This should be standard motivational fodder for all coaches from junior high to the pros. It’s such a powerful motivator. I mean, when a coach says this how can you do anything but give it your all. You can’t. Forget Win one for the Gipper. And the Hoosiers motivational speeches. And one McConaughey dropped in We Are Marshall.

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Sandy’s A Bitch T Shirt

by on November 26, 2012

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No…this isn’t just some dude pumping angry shirts out of his garage after he got dumped. This is a name calling at acts of God. I guess we already name acts of God, but sometimes you gotta put a little mustard on it. Yeah, Super Storm, your name is Sandy, and you know what…you’re a bitch.

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I think I missed this design when it came out or maybe I ignored it because it was too soon after the Aurora shooting at the Batman movie, but it really is a nice dig at the stupidity of the Hollywood copyright cartel, that rules a large part of the culture. Those super annoying ads…you wouldn’t steal a car, would you. Well you wouldn’t download a movie from the Internet either. Good logic, except that I’m guessing that tidy little movie executive is still going to be able to drive to the fucking office tomorrow, the day after I file share Transformers, whereas, that poor sucker that got his car stolen will probably have to take the bus or get a ride. Sorta different. A little bit.

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Bayanihan T Shirt

by on August 29, 2012

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Support the Phillipines flood relief effort with the purchase of this tee. All of the proceeds from the sale of this design go to Architecture for Humanity’s Phillipines Floods Response Program. Read about the design here.

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Pussy Riot T Shirt

by on August 22, 2012

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Ah, capturing the important political/entertainment news, we have the very important Pussy Riot t-shirt, of course, referencing the feminist band that went into a Russian cathedral and asked the Virgin Mary to rid the country of the Vladimir Putin regime, and then danced around and stuff. Three of them ended up in prison. Three others are in hiding.

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Man this world is messed up. Sometimes you have to mourn for the families decimated by senseless violence, then you gotta just laugh at the absurdity of it all, or, I’m afraid, it could all get a little too heavy, and getting up in the morning may be more than we can bear. Obviously, this topic is touchy with the racist overtones, but taking it on head on with humor is sometimes the best way to fight it.

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Apparently this chick is an awesome singer and has had a ton of buzz for a year or two. I have never heard her. I did see that that freaky, white-haired simian Karl Lagerfeld called her fat, which is true but isn’t very nice. He tried to make nice by saying, “but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Oops. A little late for the pleasantries you shallow freak. At 78 you really probably shouldn’t give a shit about any of that any more. link:

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This is the way to treat a pedophile. Make t-shirts mocking and taunting him. This State Penn T Shirt is a beauty, the shower being a very nice extra touch, because he diddled kids that went to his football camp in the shower, and once he gets convicted, then he’ll be diddled in the shower in prison. Then, he’ll probably be killed, which is what needs to happen.

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I love this I’m the 1 Percent T Shirt. First, 1% milk blows. It’s a watery mess nobody should have to endure. If you’re going to do milk DO WHOLE MILK. So 1% is already conjuring up negative associations, which is good. Next,this milk carton dude is too dapper to be cool. You know how you can dress well and be okay, but if you go too far, like with a monocle, you’ve officially hit douchebag status. That’s where Mr. Milk is.

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Has that guy been reprimanded, fired, suspended yet? Lt. John Pike should not work in law enforcement any more, because he displayed appalling judgment. That’s why this Pepper Spray Cop with Butterflies T Shirt really speaks volumes. It takes the sting out of the oligarchy’s show of force. The tipping point will be when the force turns on the .01 percent. When they finally figure out that their pensions are gone, their quality of life is shit, and there are very specific reasons for it, and most of them involve greed and fraud. Then it’s butterflies instead of pepper spray. Then the officers are sitting with the students, and then the charade we call government and finance crumbles.

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Nice mashup of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon album cover and the insane UC Davis cop that casually pepper sprayed peaceful protestors. This is a pretty damn sweet design by curtisblack72, don’t you think? If so, then you should probably open up and let you feelings be known by buying this Darkside of the Law T Shirt.

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Both of those dudes, Macho Man Randy Savage and the Kool-Aid Man were crazy enough to run through walls and have a catch phrase of “oh yeah” as in bring on the pain and mayhem, because I relish it. In fact, that’s why they become such fast friends in the 90s, and unfortunately, because neither had an off button, that’s why they died on the road that night. The pitcher broken all over the highway and Macho Man too. God rest both of their souls.

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