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Nerdy Shirts: Shirt shop specializing in the tapped glasses, wipe your nose on your sleeve, and figure out that complicated programming issue type shirts or the tees that appeal to those nerds.

Lots of stuff going on here. It’s a re-creation of the classic scene with Alan Garner played by Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, holding the baby, Carlos, in the sling thingy, and they are both wearing sunglasses. Hilarious. Now, Nerdy Shirts has used and abused their license to print Sesame Street characters by having Cookie Monster holding Tickle Me Elmo in the same front baby pack contraption. I like it. And man those muppets look happy.

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Thor T Shirts are hot now that the movie is out in theaters. Not necessarily funny shirts on the surface, but Molly Lambert writes about the movie in her summer movies article for the new ESPN-related website, Grantland, with a good bit of humor.

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You see a lot of these evolution tshirts with different themes. This one happens to be regarding Wolverine from X-Men. Start out with the totally bent over monkey, knuckles dragging, straighten up a bit, build a spear as a weapon, and then all of a sudden you have a species that can insert metal blades into the hands to create a very vicious claw action. The hair on top of the head the face stayed about the same as that original monkey though, so, perhaps a well-shaven dude with claws in his hands and bending backwards at the waist is the next stage in the evolution.

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This is the shirt the employees at Adventureland wear in the movie Adventureland. You know Jesse Eisenberg, from Social Network fame, is in there doing his deadpan sort of thing. Director Greg Mottola, also did that awesome film Superbad, so you probably want to get this Games Games Games Games Games T shirt simply because it’s funny, it’s got good pedigree, and you like games.

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This is a nice one. I like wearing a shirt that tells people that you are special. It may not even be true. You may be wearing this Honor Student t shirt and have a 1.9 grade point average. Doesn’t matter in t shirt land, because you can wear whatever you want as long as it’s not offensive. Well, you can wear offensive tees to but you have to be in the appropriate setting.

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The spread shot was the ultimate weapon in the NES version of Contra. Do you remember all you older gamer geeks? Am I right? I know I am because there’s a Contra Spread T Shirt and if there’s a shirt that means it was awesome.

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Bruno Gayby T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

Don’t tell me you didn’t see the movie Bruno starring Sacha Baron Cohen, because you did. Either that or you’re not cool, and there’s no way you would have landed on this site if you weren’t cool. Anyway, you remember the seen. Bruno was telling a day time television audience that he adopted a black baby, and they were all insanely mad because he didn’t seen fit for parenting. Then, he told them he traded his special edition U2 iPod for the kid. Then, he brings the kid out and he’s wearing a Gayby T Shirt just like the one you will be wearing in about a week, after you order it.

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Halo Teabag T Shirt

by on April 30, 2011

Of course, you have seen this funny use of the Halo video game characters. The blue guy sitting on the red guys face. You can’t see the balls, but it’s implied that they are there. I wonder if the blue guy overpowered the dude or if the red guy passed out from downing too many vodka and tonics. Either way it’s hilarious and you need to get the Halo Teabag T Shirt in order to step up your cool quotient about 14%.

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This Pedo Bear dude has been around since 2004. I know I looked it up. He started out in Japan as just a cute little ASCII drawing, but turned into something much more sinister as it made it’s way to the United States. How in the hell do these things happen? I have no idea but I’m happy they do, because they’re funny as can be. Plus, you can take the original Pedo Bear concept–cute cuddly thing, but molests children in alley ways, and on the banks of creeks–and run wild, including this offering with Pedo Bear as the mascot for the Little Tikes Summer Camp T Shirt. Very nice.

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Nostalgia T Shirt

by on April 29, 2011

Ah, remember the good old days. Let’s reminisce. There was the box of crayons. I had like the 8 or 16 pack and coveted that huge 64 crayon box that had a built in sharpener. Awesome. So many colors…so many options. But, alas, it was never to be. And, how about cutting out the paper men holding hands. Well, I never did that. I might have tried but that shit is hard, and you have to plan ahead because there’s a real trick to it. You have to fold the paper just right and cut in the perfect spots…too much rigamarole for me. I never played Nintendo so that controller means nothing to me. I did play analog tapes and made mixed tapes, so that speaks to me on a deep level. Everybody had some cookies at one point or other in their childhood, so that’s right on the money.

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If you’re into the Angry Birds you certainly love the four characters on this shirt, and, of course, know exactly what’s going on with the little blue bird and the slingshot. I suppose they’re going after some piggies or some such thing. If it’s not apparent, I have not played the game for fear of shirking all duties and sinking even lower in my life, which is already pretty low since I’m 40-years-old and living in my mother’s basement with much fear and trepidation.

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Never played the game myself, and I think I might be happy that I haven’t because everybody that has seems to have entered some alternate reality that includes sloughing off job duties, forgetting to feed the kids, dropping out of school, sucking wangs for more Angry Bird levels…oh wait, that doesn’t quite make sense but you know what I mean. All kinds of people young and old are playing this goofy little game, and having a hard time stopping because they want to get to the next level.

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