Animal T Shirts: Your favorite beasts on tees

Animal T Shirts: If the shirt features an animal and it’s funny or cool, it’s been reviewed here.


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Did this come from one of the 90 million cat videos or picture memes on the Internet. Was there a pussy cat hanging on for dear life and it’s cute and sad and lovey dovy all at the same time. Just kidding, I totally love cat meme stuff. Can’t get enough. And, neither can 80 kajillion people either. If you’re one of them – and there’s a 92% chance that you are – then this tee is probably already on its way to your house, since you ordered it like three minutes ago.

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Koi Fish T Shirt

by on April 6, 2013


Get this Shirt from Design By Humans

Love this tee. It looks so simple and Koi immediately bring me relaxation, because of their subtle movements. And, this design captures that flow. I mean, I try not to think about what happened with the koi pond of my childhood…that rabid raccoon and what not, but still cool design.

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Get this Shirt From 6 Dollar Shirts

That’s a big jackalope. Never seen one that big, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re in Texas. The cowboys figured out they could ride them. Why not, they’re big and fast. A couple dudes got real hurt the first few times they tried, but them gentling a jackalope became almost a science. The wisdom passed down through the oral tradition.

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beard-diversity-animal-kingdom-t-shirtGet This Shirt From Fraggles and Friggles

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Let’s see…what animals do we have here. Emporer Tamarin. Big Horn Goat. Bearded Reedling. Schnauzer. If you’re into the facial hair of monkeys, goats, birds, and dogs, then this shirt was designed specifically for you. I mean how much synchronicity do you need before you take action. Basically, you, Fraggles and Fraggles and the Universe just came together for an amazing gathering.

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Future Dino T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


Get this Shirt From Design By Humans

That is a dinosaur from the future. Lasers. Wings. Helmet. Rock boosters. Pretty badass. And those eyes. On fire. The dinosaurs didn’t go extinct. Instead they all hopped in a big spaceship and went to a distant planet for thousands of years. They picked up some technology, waited for the asteroids to hit Earth, cause havoc, then stabilize. Then they came back and scared everybody. By the way, this is a glimpse into the future. This is going to happen in like 20 years.

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Cigar Monkey T Shirt

by on April 3, 2013


Get this Shirt from Red Bubble

You know, I was just looking for a t-shirt featuring an ape smoking a cigar. Lo and behold…I was doing my daily rounds of sports and pop culture Internet surfing, and ran into this beauty. It’s exactly what I was looking for, because it makes a REAL statement. I mean, when I’m wearing this tee, I feel nobody is going to mess with me, yet they know I have a sense of humor. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Zissou of Fish T Shirt

by on March 31, 2013


Get this Shirt From Threadless

It’s Bill Murray as Steve Zissou in Wes Anderson’s Life Aquatic film. Look closely now, because the beauty lies in the fact that all of the little ink strokes that make up the beanie and white beard of Mr. Zissou, are, in fact, little fishes. That’s pretty damn cool. Check out all those black fish poking out from the shirt. That’s a manly fish man.

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Get This Shirt From Threadless

When Mister Mitten’s visited the deep reaches of outer space that was a pretty epic adventure. He saw amazing things like black holes, spiral arms, supernova explosions, and a galaxy cluster slowly moving like Dick Van Dyke’s ol’ Bamboo dance in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Oh, and the cat was wearing glasses and shutting lasers out of his pupils.

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Get this Shirt from TopatoCo

Is that a cross between a cat and beaver? Or squirrel and mouse? Either way, she’s cool and this shirt is super stupendous…so simple, so poignant, yet so edgy too. Napping alone is good. Napping with someone is great. Napping with someone who has agreed after you call them a motherfucker is triumphant.

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Get this Tee from Look At Me Shirts

Misery! Kathy Bates! James Caan!

Hey, it’s a sweet little penguin referencing the 1990s Misery, which was the movie adaptation of a novel by Stephen King. Directed by Rob Reiner. Have you seen it. It’s good. And that little penguin comes up in a great scene that I have found for you below. Enjoy!

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Get This Shirt From Busted Tees

This feels like it’s more than just a dinosaur sitting around looking rusty or like he’s made out of chocolate. It’s also quite odd that the ribbon bends so you can’t read all of the text. Both of these two oddities are what make this shirt desirable. It’s one of a kind weirdness. Not your typical dinosaur shirt.

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Get This Shirt From Saucewear

Every time I see one of these cat movie mashups from Captain Feline, I marvel at how amazing the design is. If you love the cats and Star Wars, I’m not sure how you still haven’t purchased this tee yet. You were born to wear this one. It is your destiny. I mean look at that Death Star subtly floating in the background. And that flowing cape.

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