Donkey Ts: Or is it Donkey Tees

Donkey Ts: The best from this Cincinnati outfit reviewed here.

Use discount code FIREWORK at check out over at Donkey Tees and get 17.76% off your purchase, plus a free Koozie. That’s a pretty smokin’ good deal and totally Patriotic. Support laughter and your country and take advantage of this deal. But hurry. Deal ends July 6.

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Get y0urself 25% off from Donkey Tees in honor of all the Dad’s out there. And let me tell you something. There are a lot of them. Use coupon code DADSRULE during checkout for a 25% discount. Pretty sweet deal.

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Hey, it’s not too late to get over to Donkey Tees and take advantage of their Buy 2 Get 2 Free Memorial Day Sale. That’s a pretty awesome deal, so get over there. It’s officially summer time, so you’re gonna need some fresh tees. You can’t wear long sleeves to the beach. Not allowed.

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Yoda would talk backwards in this super annoying condescending way that makes you want him to lose his next battle of the force. Just kidding. Yoda would be wise and size up the situation and do exactly the right thing, because he was green and grizzled, but still a total bad ass.

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This is a funny t shirt right here. Those rich people are weird. They get bored in the excess, so they have to keep taking things to the next level. Some go from jacking off with one shoe on to auto-asphyxiation. Others go from yelling at midgets from their car to riding midgets like wake boards on the beach. Others go from drinking black coffee to cursing their failing veins as they stick needles between their toes. And, finally, some go from playing the ultimate hoity toity sport of polo on horseback to riding around naked on chickens swinging mallets.

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It’s Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in Coming to America. The Kingdom of Zamunda was a fictional African nation. Murphy, as Prince Akeem,  was the heir to the throne that was inhabited by King Jaffe Joffer, played by James Earl Jones. Prince Akeem goes to America to find a bride, because he’s not diggin’ the arranged marriage thing his pops is workin’ up for him.

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Mobile Hot Spot T Shirt

by on September 17, 2011

Not sure if this is the best message. I feel like the most likely reason your crotch area is hot is because you have some sort of chlamydia, and there’s that burning itch. Now you’re basically advertising to all in your vicinity the pulsating discomfort in your pubic region.

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Pugs Not Drugs T Shirt

by on August 11, 2011

I’m sure there’s a contingent about a million strong that own or simply love pug dogs. And I am equally certain that I would be doing those people a disservice if I didn’t do everything in my power to bring this Pugs Not Drugs t shirt to their attention. Don’t you agree? I mean you have to really have a heart for a dog as ugly as a smash faced pug. It has to be baked into the DNA, and once something grabs a hold of you at the cellular level there’s nothing you can really do but give in to your desires, such as buying every piece pug merchandise ever created on Earth.

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So Fly T Shirt

by on August 11, 2011

This shirt looks good. It’s funny. It features a fly, but also is like a positive affirmation that you’re sharing with the world. You know you got it. Now flaunt it. Just hope that nobody says anything about flies being attracted to shit because that would totally kill the buzz.

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There are some parallels between the Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson cases. Namely they both obviously killed people and got away with it. Pretty weird how the justice system works sometimes, but innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers is a better system than say getting your head chopped off because the local authority had gas pains just as you walked by. Anyway, if you want to make sure people know what you think of the trial, then you probably need to get the Casey and OJ Sitting in a Tree KILLING T Shirt.

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If I want to pick up some dance moves and work on my pick up lines for the ladies I go directly to my New Kids on the Block Youtube channel, and learn. I feel so in touch with something when I watch those videos. Just can’t quite put my finger on it.

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Happy 4th of July!

If you’re out and about and gathering with crowds of significant size to watch fireworks and listen to that brass band all dressed in red, white, and blue, then you probably will run into a funnel cake or two. You’re not going to be able to receive this I Put the Fun in Funnel Cake T Shirt before you go out tonight, but don’t you want it in the drawer for the next fair, circus, bizarre, or festival that you attend? Of course you do.

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