Keiko Alingas Dossier

Headline Shirts found a lovely one here. Keiko Alingas looks like she’s the host at Myx TV, which is a cable TV network targeting the English-speaking Asian American community.

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Taylor Lynn Rodd Dossier

Looks like Taylor Lynn Rodd is a cheerleader for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL football. And is a model as well. She lives in Jacksonville, and seems to be in a relationship with some lucky dude named Tyler Allen.

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Amanda Nicole Noren Dossier

Amanda Nicole Noren is the tall, thin, short-haired girl next door on Snorg Tees, that, as a model, can put on an entirely different look in a different product context. Take her Model Mayhem profile for instance. Quite a bit of skin, tight clothing, heels, makeup, and sultry/sexy poses. She looks quite natural in both worlds.

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Christy Medlock Dossier

It looks like Christy lives in Austin, TX. She’s on LinkedIn listed as a Passionate Hospitality & Consumables Expert. I’m not sure what that means. But, if passion and consumables are involved it has to be good.

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Stephanie Petrey Dossier

Stephanie Petrey is a beautiful model for Snorg Tees. It looks like she gets a lot of work in the business and is also known as Steph Petrey and Stephanie Ann Petrey.

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Whitney Pietrykowski Dossier

Whitney Pietrykowski seems to be new on the Snorg Tees model scene. They recently used her in a banner, where she looked fabulous. Here are some places you can find Whitney.

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Jess Bonner Interview

Note: Jess mentions off the top that she is single, so, guys…there is hope. Okay on with the interview.

How did you get into modeling? Is there a story of you being discovered or did a friend sign you up for something?

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Busted Tees Models

by on October 28, 2012

I’m partial to the Busted Tees models, out of all the t-shirt models on the ‘net, because I think they’re the hottest. Also, after interviewing several of them. I’ve learned that they are smart, funny, and driven.

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Snorg Tees Models

by on October 27, 2012

I have a collection of dossier’s and some interviews with current and past Snorg Tees models. Ever since, Alice Fraasa burst onto the Internet scene a few years ago, Snorg Tees has a proven record of finding some of the cutest, girl next door, models around.

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Left: Sabrina Valle and Jessica Quon

I had to interview Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle together, because they are inseparable it seems. They went to college together. Moved to New York together. Modeled at Busted Tees together, and started a business together. Now, they’ve done the famous Tshirt Groove model interview together.

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Sheena Oakley Dossier

Sheena Oakely seems to be the go to model at Snorg Tees right now. If they need a hoodie or hat modeled, she’s sure to be called, and she certainly does her share of t-shirts. Unfortunately, I can’t really find much about her other than a ton of shirt model images, which you can see in the gallery below.

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Kristen Mukai Interview

How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

Since about January (2012).

How did you get the gig with Busted Tees?

I went to high school with some of the Busted guys, so I kind of got grandfathered into it. I even had a crush on one of them so imagine the schoolgirl excitement here.

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