Meet Busted Tees Models Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle

by on September 19, 2012

Left: Sabrina Valle and Jessica Quon

I had to interview Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle together, because they are inseparable it seems. They went to college together. Moved to New York together. Modeled at Busted Tees together, and started a business together. Now, they’ve done the famous Tshirt Groove model interview together.

These are busy women but they found out a way to answer the questions: “We are sending this out from the phone on our way back from checking out our fruit supplier upstate.”

Enjoy Jess and Sabbs because they are jamtastic!

Jessica Quon and Sabrina Valle Interview

How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

About 1 year.

How did you get the gig with Busted Tees?

Well… Jess’ boyfriend works there and hooks us up with the gigs. We try not to force him into any favoritism.

How do you approach a photo shoot?

Hungover with a scabby knee. Well only the once. We try to be mildly professional.

How do you interact with the camera/photographer so you get awesome shots?

Lots of laughing and dumb faces. We try not to take it too seriously.

Do you think certain thoughts?

We think “These people driving by must think we’re crazy and why are we changing in the middle of the busy BK streets.” Just another day.

Is there a certain swoosh of the hair that makes it happen?

Haha that stifling Brooklyn breeze does always produce the glamour shot. It’s actually always more of a “your hair is covering the shirt again..”

Basically, what I’m asking is what’s going on in the mind of a model during a shoot?

I hope they don’t pick that really awkward photo of me.

And, what is your favorite trick to get the best shots?

When in doubt, lean on the wall, arm on the hip, or hand through the hair. Works every time.

Tell me about the Jam Stand. How did you get into that business?

We’ve been friends for a long time and always liked to cook and bake as a hobby. We randomly decided to make jam and were joking about all of the jam pun possibilities of running a jam stand. Next thing we knew, we actually had one.

Do you sell super fancy jam for super fancy people?


Where do you sell the jam?

We have a list of purveyors here.

Is the jam delicious?

Is bacon delicious?

What is your favorite jam flavor?

We don’t pick favorites- They are our babies. (But Sabbs just said Blueberry Bourbon).

Is there a difference between jam and jelly?

It must be jelly because jam don’t shake like that :)

But the professional response would be yes. Jelly is usually made with a fruit juice and pectin whereas jam is more like a preserve, using a slow cook and chunks of fruit.

How’s business?

Business is jamtastic! Getting ready for the holiday season.

Where do you see the business in a year?

Next stop – Jamillionaires.

What did you study at the University of Florida?


How did you get from Gainsville to New York City?

Work and the lure of the big city.

Have you ever been separated from your business partner/co-Busted Tees model?

Haha not really. We finish each other’s sentences. Other people probably find it pretty annoying.

What do you do for fun?

Is there time for fun? We like to dance, cook, sleep, and get silly.

Best movie you saw recently?

Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Band you must absolutely see in person?

Iron and Wine. I also really want to dance my ass off at a Beyonce concert. We rock out to her during our late night kitchen jam seshes.

Most embarassing song on your iPod?

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream.

Where do you live?

Sabbs lives in Greenpoint & Jess lives in the West Village.

Do you get noticed around town as the Busted Tees model?

No, we more often get recognized as those jam ladies.

Where are you from originally (before college)?

Sabbs is from Coral Springs and Jess is from Las Vegas.

Brothers? Sisters?

Sabbie has an older brother named Byron. Jess has an older sister named Stephanie.

Favorite Busted Tees shirt?

Um.. The angry birds plane was fun. I also really like the monster hoodie.

Do you have a significant other (the readers told me to ask the models that)?

Negative on the Sabbs front, but I do.

Theoretically, how interested, on a scale from 1 (not very) to 10 (very) would you be into a 41-year-old dude suffering from sciatica, who lives in his mother’s basement, and picks his toes constantly? I’m talking romantically of course.

Does he like jam?

Is the world going to end this year?

We hope not.

Anything you would like to add?


Sabrina Valle and Jessica Quon Gallery

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