Meet Snorg Tees Model Whitney Pietrykowski

by on February 14, 2013


Whitney Pietrykowski Dossier

Whitney Pietrykowski seems to be new on the Snorg Tees model scene. They recently used her in a banner, where she looked fabulous. Here are some places you can find Whitney.

She has a Facebook page with a cute family portrait (I assume) as her main photo.

Whitney lives in Florida, but is from a small town in South Carolina. A real southern girl. The FB page also says she works at Cinemark. Not sure if that is as a model or she works at a theater as an usher, ticket taker, concessionaire, or maybe the CEO of the corporation. Who knows?

She went to college at Florida Gulf Coast.

It looks like she jumped on Twitter in August 2010, made five tweets, and bailed.

Basically, Ms. Peitrykowski is a mystery girl. There’s one clue as to what music she likes in the Twitter:

Here’s a profile page over at Explore Talent. Is that really her?

And here she argues for the legalization of marijuana in a Powerpoint presentation.

Looks like she was also a good student in high school, being recognized as part of Bank of America’s Student Leaders program.

Like I said folks, she pretty much came out of nowhere to be featured on the home page of Snorg Tees. And, I’m sure she’d be super stoked that I just dug up some random stuff about her to add to this page.

Whitney Pietrykowski Gallery

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