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by on February 13, 2013

jess bonner 02 Meet Snorg Tees Model Jess Bonner

Jess Bonner Interview

Note: Jess mentions off the top that she is single, so, guys…there is hope. Okay on with the interview.

How did you get into modeling? Is there a story of you being discovered or did a friend sign you up for something?

I got into modeling when I was sixteen, I kinda just submitted to an agency for fun as an actress and they called me out of the blue one day and I started modeling. My career didn’t really start going places until I turned 18 though.

How long have you been modeling for Snorg Tees?

I have been modeling for SNORG since… oh gosh I don’t even know. it seems like forever but it has been less than a year.

How did you get the Snorg Tees gig?

SNORG found me online.

Can you walk me through a Snorg Tees shoot? Do you get a call about a shoot coming up in four weeks? Do you meet Ryan Thompson (photographer) in a certain town? I kind of imagine you walking around town looking for random stairwells and garage doors with texture to stand in front of. Maybe one of you thinks of a prop that relates to the shirt. Are there handlers on the shoot along with the photographer?

Ryan Thompson and I always meet at the same Starbucks in St. Pete! lol We usually go to the studio and shoot every single shirt twice. It can be tiring because each shirt has to be shot with jeans and another bottom but you can’t go through and keep the same jeans on and just change your shirt because of the lighting. It’s a tough life taking off skinny jeans over and over and over again just to put them back on! After the studio we grab lunch sometimes or we head straight to location (a park, beach, comic book shop, anywhere that we think the shirt might fit). One time we went to Burger King (yes models eat Burger King too) and I think I may have made him crazy by wearing my crown around town for the rest of the day. A normal shoot takes several hours.

Do you have modeling goals? If so, what are they?

Well someday I’d lovvvvve to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Karolina Kurkova is my idol but of course I’m going to school for Ad PR and I have a back up plan! My parents would kill me if I left school and I love to learn!

Did you enjoy your music video experience with Slim Goodye? You look spooky.

That was so much fun! It was weird though. I’m not really a rap music girl but I love that track. I feel like I look pretty awkward bopping around in the background. I wouldn’t be surprised if that song hits the radio soon. It’s so catchy. We kept jokin that I looked like a vampire ;]

Have you done other video stuff?

I have done videos for the bikini company CAPRISTAN and may have a video planned for the future with my friend Scooter Magruder who has his own youtube channel. SNORG takes videos of me sometimes too.

Jess makes an appearance in this video, though doesn’t get enough airtime.

Is it weird walking around conventions/expos in skimpy swimsuitsOr do you just get used to it (part of the job)?

It can be uncomfortable. It’s nice though because usually I get to keep the suits and since their so small when I wear them to the beach I am tanline free! Its fun though to meet new people and take pictures with them at conventions. The worst is when men that are old enough to be my dad hit on me. I try to be nice but it’s just like really? I’m like five years old.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I am from Oviedo, FL born and raised. Right now I’m going to UCF right down the street from my house but I currently living on campus.

What do you do for fun?

For fun I love to work out, go to the beach, hangout with friends, football games in the fall are always a blast!

Best movie you saw recently?

I hardly ever go to the movies, unfortunately because I am a movie fiend! I saw the new spiderman movie the other weekend, that was pretty good but Disney’s Tangled is my all time favorite.

Band you must absolutely see in person?

Rebelution, Slightly Stoopid, Skrillex, SOJA, Adventure Club, and Dirtie Heads are all amazing!!! live. I have seen most of them multiple times. I even got a concussion at the skrillex concert! haha. My to-do list band wise right not is A Day to Remember and Taking Back Sunday. I listen to all music. I must confess I even love country which most people find shameful, must be the souther belle in me. If there are any single country singers out there, Luke Bryan esque, call me.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

My ipod currently has 0 songs on it because it’s brand new, however I must confess that I did have the thong song on there. I drive a convertible and it came on during shuffle one time and everyone immediately started staring. I also used to have the whole veggie tales album on my ipod.

Theoretically, how interested, on a scale from 1 (not very) to 10 (very) would you be into a 42-year-old guy with scurvy and hypertrichosis (abnormal amount of body hair). I’m talking romantically of course.

What? lol [Editor’s note: I take this to mean “very interested.”]

Brothers? Sisters?

I have two older sisters, both are amazing! My one sister is an artist and is currently getting her masters in painting and my other sister is an absolute genius and skipped her masters and is getting her doctorate in biology. she does cancer research in Manhattan. Love them both to death.

Tell me about “excellent dental hygiene.” What’s the routine there?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I brush my teeth about four times a day. When I wake up, after lunch, after dinner, and before bed. I also floss. Use a retainer and whiten my teeth with both crest white strips and a whitening pen. (You need to be careful though, don’t want to ware away your enamel!)

What are you studying at the University of Central Florida?

Advertising Public Relations!

Anything you would like to add? Shoutouts? Links?

I just made a twitter!!!  My instagram is @jessrosebonner

Jessica Bonner Dossier

Jess Bonner is the blonde Snorg Tees model with the irresistible mole on her cheek. Here’s a quick rundown of where you can find here on the Interwebs.

Here’s a nice pic from the RMT Photography Facebook page. Ryan Thompson (who is RMT Photography) is Snorg’s go to photographer, so check out that page for lots of great pics.

Looking gorgeous not in a Snorg Tees shirt.

Just look at the whole gallery. Good photos in there.

Here is her Model Mayhem page.

Lotsa, lotsa good pics on her Facebook model page. Her bio says: “An herbivore and an Aquarius  Jess Bonner is a professional print, fashion, runway, and promotional model in Central Florida with excellent dental hygiene.”

Then if you want to get all friendly stalkerish you can take a look at her personal Facebook page.

It looks like Jess is in a sorority at the University of Central Florida.

Jess Rose Bonner Gallery

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