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Religious T Shirts, and by religious I mean pretty much blasphemous, sacrilegious, and funny Jesus, but still, those accurately fall under the religion tag.


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It’s good to be well rounded and to let people know you are, so you can be a light and an encouragement for them to do the same. Cultivating your spirituality and eating great french fries is pretty much the smartest path to a fulfilling life. I mean a lot of it depends on the quality of the ketchup you use, but that can be managed fairly easily.

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This is so absurd, I almost having nothing to say about it. Based on the very thin humor premise of Adam and Eve(l), this design just removes the first woman out of the equation and drops Adam and his fig leaf on a bike with Evel. Pretty amazing stunt, because number one, it’s probably not easy to book Adam for such a gig. He’s a pretty popular guy. Two, most likely they’re trying to go for distance, like jump over the Garden of Eden, and that cannot be easy with two full-grown men.

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What a beautiful horse pose and the addition of the feathers on the head and haunches, plus the handprint body paint is just very special. This design from Valerie Anne Kelly speaks to me on a very deep spiritual level. And you?

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Confucious is credited with many pithy sayings but this is my favorite. Who cares what some old dude was pulling out of his ass 17 years ago. It’s not relevant now. What with the Internet and how it’s changed the game. I do have to say it is nice to read words of wisdom in order to trigger your own thoughts, so continue reading your Farmer’s Almanac.

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Is this after the last living cod shoots himself in the head, or is that a different species of fish, and he’s super sad about the lack of fish diversity in the ocean. Maybe they just know what’s coming when all the wonderous species die out. The whole thing goes to hell, so why not end it before it gets totally ugly.

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Devil Pizza T Shirt

by on February 23, 2013


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Devilishly odd design right here. But, it all seems to make sense in the end. The horns blend well with the tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. And, then there’s the lovely pointy shape of the pizza slice. It’s a perfect stand in for the devil with his pointy beard.

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It’s kind of harsh, but true. Science is cold and calculating and probably just as mysterious as religion, when you start diving into the bigger questions. This may not be the case in 1000 years, but for now I think the state of science is probably in a super rudimentary phase in terms of understanding consciousness, energy, souls, and shit.

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They don’t like the Jews in Al Abbas Original Best Chicken, but Larry David invites Super Dave to come eat, ’cause apparently the chicken is good. But, Super Dave insists on wearing a yamulke. Larry won’t have it, and well you’ve seen the rest. Or if you haven’t the clip is below.

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He’s the only one. Am I right? I mean those damn yappy little pipsqueaks from hell. I’M TOTALLY KIDDING. Love terriers. Have seven myself. Adorable little guys. Great personalities. I mean who really even needs to company of humans with these lovely creatures around. I haven’t seen or spoken to another living person in six and a half years, and haven’t missed the personal touch one bit, because of my lovely little canine friends.

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Veritas Aequitas T Shirt

by on January 10, 2013


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Boondock Saints. Sometimes it boggles my mind that that movie was/is so popular. Just a classic, but I feel like I saw it on accident. Slummin’ it at a friends house for a few months, during some bad times, rifling through the DVD collection. Dude was excited I never saw it because he was more than happy to watch it again with me. Awesome movie for sure.

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This is the second design around this theme that I’ve seen and I like it. Very cool shirt to get and remember for years to come. Remember that time back in 2012 when everybody joked about but was secretly concerned that the Mayans were right and the world was going to end on 12-21-2012? Good times. And, then on 12-22-2012 everybody acted like it was no big deal that they were alive, but really there was a confused mixture of elation, and self loathing for ever having any hint of concern that it really all may be falling apart like the Mayans predicted.

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Dalai Lama Asshole T Shirt

by on December 18, 2012


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Remember how Mother Teresa was considered a saint and spent her entire life helping the poor. Except there were stories that she was actually a tyrant and was teaching all the locals in India or wherever she was that they shouldn’t use condoms. At least that’s what Christopher Hitchens wrote. Anyways, it wouldn’t surprise me if the good ol’ Dalai Lama had some skeletons. Control freak. Sexual deviant. Power tripping megalomaniac. Something. This shirt just assumes the worst.

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