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by on January 10, 2013


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Boondock Saints. Sometimes it boggles my mind that that movie was/is so popular. Just a classic, but I feel like I saw it on accident. Slummin’ it at a friends house for a few months, during some bad times, rifling through the DVD collection. Dude was excited I never saw it because he was more than happy to watch it again with me. Awesome movie for sure.

I was gonna say it came out of nowhere with no stars, but I forgot about Willem Dafoe, but maybe that doesn’t count. I think Willem was in my cousins’ Senior play over at the high school. He’s awesome, but he does the indie, indie, low budget, you never heard of stuff too.

I guess it’s also strange that the paraphernalia still has legs, ‘cuz the movie is 13 years old. Wait, nevermind. Bob Marley was in it too.

Whatever…get the shirt. I mean the mix of religion, violence, vigilante justice and Irish people is often compelling.

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