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Snorg Tees is one of the top dogs in the funny t shirt business. They consistently pump out a terrific selection of pop culture gems.

Bat and Robin T-Shirt from Snorg Tees
Bat and Robin. The dynamic duo. Mammal and fowl together in the skies, fighting crime. This is the kind of shirt that I find to be clever and clean and everyone ‘gets it.’ The only thing I cannot figure out is where they found belts that small so as to fit a bat and a robin. And how about Robin’s goggles. Where’d they get those. Anyways, this shirt would be loved by all, especially children. Won’t get you sent home by wearing this one to school!

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for That
I love videos like this that go viral because someone is just being their funny-old-selves. This poor woman ran out the house when she thought she smelled a BBQ but realized it was a fire. She says a few things that are just downright funny because of her quirky personality. Her name is, “Sweet Brown.” That is her actual given name, Sweet Brown. Many people have made her commentary into a song and uploaded it to YouTube. She is an Internet sensation and has made some big money. The catch phrase that made her famous was, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That – I’ve got bronchitis.” She has been featured on radio, television and now she is doing music and TV with Will.I.Am and she gets, “paid.” She is also the co-host of “cheaters” along with Dick Clark’s son and has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel live. She’s killin’ it!

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I Feel Crumby T-Shirt from Snorg
I feel crumby but I guess I will be spending my life as a cookie. Dr. Milk says I will always be crumby and will even be a little gooey when it gets hot and humid. If I jump into a glass of milk, I will dissolve but I know that either way, I will taste delicious. If you microwave me, please don’t do let it go for more than about 10-15 seconds because I will be come hard and brittle. Dr. Milk, we are such a match. We simply go together so please stay with me or I fear that I will simply be crumby forever.

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Portal 2 Aperture Laboratories Volunteer T-Shirt from Snorg
This is wayyyyy geeky. Portal 2 is a first person puzzle platform, sci-fi video game with a backstory that centers around Cave Johnson, the head of Aperture Science. This is like a game within another game because it is set in the Half-Life universe. So many things go wrong in these labs: poisoning from neurotoxin and many other very geeky things. Wow, I love gamer shirts that only other serious gamers would understand. Beautiful! But then again, I am a very big geek.

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I May Be Crazy But At Least I Have Each Other

Another Internet cultural meme, inside joke, quirky t-shirt that has an association with a cat meme. Most of what I can find says, “I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other!” and features a cute kitty that looks crazy. You can see it in the eyes of that little milk drinking, schizo feline. This is like when I tell people that I know that I am not paranoid, it is just that everyone’s out to get me. People are obviously not out to get me but it sure seems that way and I am so glad that, “when I am alone, I am together.”

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Miracle Max T Shirt on Sale for $15.95 Snorg Tee

Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees on Sale for $15.95

What can I say. Miracle Max from the Princess Bride. He was played by Billy Crystal. Miracle Max was a medieval medicine man (how’s that for some alliteration?) with a good Jewish/Queens accent. This is one of the funniest movies from the eighties and this scene is awesome. I actually helped film a reenactment of this very scene, 10 years ago. If I can find that old footage in my archives, I will post it here. For now, here is a Billy Crystal discussing his character, Miracle Max. I have always loved him. When Harry met Sally, City Slickers, Monster’s Inc., Analyze This, Analyze That.

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Always Be Yourself - Snorg Tee

Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees for Only $14.95 this week only!

I try always to be myself but there are rare occasions when I can be Batman. Now, sometimes I can be Robin but I say forget that and just keep on being myself. Batman is so cool. He’s dark, mysterious, has cool toys and has the coolest vehicles of anyone I know. Batman is not your typical super hero because he can almost cross the line into criminal behavior when he has to. No other super hero can boast that.

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First you need to know what a Mexican Sugar Skull is. Basically, during Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), people offer up these sugar skulls at the alter in remembrance. It’s sacred and spooky and sweet, just like Mexico. Naturally, Snorg Tees took this tradition and combined it with Star Wars and came up with the Sugar Skull Storm Trooper T Shirt.

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May the Mass x Acceleration (=Force) be with You - Snorg Tee

Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees

You see the funny thing about this shirt is that it’s a little play on words, mixing pop cinematic culture pleasure with finite mathematics. Such a pairing, while not altogether common, is delectable in its ironic humor as long as it is executed properly. And, indeed, this Star Wars rip off is perfect pitch.

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Get Real, Be Rational Pi and Imaginary Numbers Snorg Tee

Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees

Pi says to i, “get real.” But i, in his excellent wit, comes back with, “be rational.” For you non-math geek people, here’s what this means: i is an “imaginary” number and therefore is not part of the set of “real” numbers. However, Pi is a “real” number but is not a “rational” number. In fact, Pi is what is called a “transcendent” number and there are many of those and more are discovered all of the time. How do I know this? Well, I actually have a degree in math and I used to eat, drink and sleep on math. My wife thinks I’m nuts. And I probably am. Or just extremely geeky.

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If Zombies Chase Us I'm Tripping You Snorg Tee

Get this Shirt From Busted Tees

These days we are constantly faced with Zombie infestations. Zombies chase you and if they catch you, they may eat your brains. So unless you can put some pea shooters or an exploding mushroom in their way before they reach me or you, I would sacrifice you by tripping you. There is one way you could make it out alive though. You could cover yourself in Eucalyptus scented hand lotion and sing Our House from the 80’s Ska band from London, Madness. You didn’t think I would leave you hangin’ did ya?

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Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees

Nice little play on one of the top shows on television, The Walking Dead. Don’t you feel like a zombie when you wake up in the morning before you have that first cup of coffee, and that little tiny bump of speed. You got nothin’ before that. Who wants to even find out what life would be like without the little drugs that get us going. Boring!!! And slow. And like you’re dead and stuff.

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