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History T Shirts – remember the good times centuries ago with these fine designs featuring blasts from the past.


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How hard would a Samurai Warrior rock up on stage at Coachella? Really hard! It would be an epic show that people would be talking about for the next 75 years. It would even be more awesome if you saw it because it’s a rare thing to get a Samurai to commit to a date. That’s not going to happen very often, so in 20 years even the ticket stubs to the show will be worth a few hundred bucks on eBay.

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The interesting thing about this design is that you’re seeing a still of the pre-launch from the ramp and it looks like maybe he’s not going to go anywhere. However, in real life, he caught a lot of speed on that old two-wheeler, by roller down a bigger ramp. He actually jumped 200 yards on this particular jump with a perfect landing. Amazing feat commemoration on this fabulous tee.

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Dead Rabbits T Shirt

by on March 9, 2013


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There is a clover (only three leaves) in the logo, but are the Dead Rabbits from Ireland? I like the crown, the skull & crossbones, the skeleton hands, the intertwined branches, and the femurs (or are those golf clubs?). Actually, if those are golf clubs, this is probably a Scottish band, and this has nothing to do with Ireland or St. Paddy’s Day. Whatevs.

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Gone Fission T Shirt

by on February 14, 2013


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Ah, the lovely practice of testing atomic bombs far out in the ocean so no one gets hurt. Oh wait, people want to continue living on Bikini Atoll, and now it’s full of radiation and is going to poison multiple generations. But, boy the world was much safer after Nagasaki, Hiroshima, the Cold War, and the near Armegeddon caused by the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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General Catton T Shirt

by on February 13, 2013


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Not sure what George C. Scott would say about all of this, but I do know that he’s more General Patton than the actual General Patton, after his amazing acting performance. So, if anyone would really have a problem it would be Mr. Scott or perhaps the Patton estate.

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Houdini Keg Stand T Shirt

by on February 13, 2013


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This is awesome. What a trick. If you can’t read the rest of the words on the shirt, it says…Houdini performs his death-defying, upside-down keg stand in a straight jacket! Twice nightly at 7 & 9. Nowhere to run. Escape of finish the keg.

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This is a little Assassin’s Creed mashed up with the painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware.If you like both history and gaming, then this is the shirt for you. In particular, if you’re a big fan of George Washington and play Assassin’s Creed 13 hours a day, there is no reason you should not buy this shirt. And, I know there are at least seven people on Earth that fit this description.

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Galapagos T Shirt

by on January 16, 2013


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Another absurd design from that crazy shirt crew in San Francisco. I believe that would be Darwin riding a giant sea turtle like a bucking bronco, which seems absurd but if you do a close reading of The Origin of Species, you will find that he describes this moment on the Galapagos Islands. It was written in 1859, so it may not be as obvious to the modern day reader.

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All I can really think of is custard when this dude’s name comes up. Maybe it’s because I’m out her in the midwest in the dairy capital of the world, Wisconsin. Actually, I can also remember reading about how Custer was an absolute arrogant Indian-killing idiot, who thought he was invincible, while leading his American army into a slaughter.

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That’s a dinosaur and he existed at some point and then there was the Ice Age or as the pundits used to call it back in those times. Global cooling. What this shirt is saying is that we’re fucked and are poised to go the way of Atlantis. Goodbye oh cruel world.

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Creeper Sphinx T Shirt

by on December 19, 2012


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Nice little mashup of a video game character and some of the most awe-inspiring sculpture-architecture in the history of humankind. And it works because Minecraft seems to be a wonder of the world all on its own. Do Egyptians play Minecraft?

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Conqueror Plumber T Shirt

by on December 13, 2012


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Don’t know what this means. That’s Mario from the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. games for sure, but he’s dressed as Napoleon or something. Not quite understanding the connection. Maybe it’s the famous short men that have done big things club.

There’s William the Conqueror and Kull the Conqueror, but the prim little suit is reminding me of Napoleon.

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