Meet Busted Tees Model Kristen Mukai

by on September 13, 2012


Kristen Mukai Interview

How long have you been modeling for Busted Tees?

Since about January (2012).

How did you get the gig with Busted Tees?

I went to high school with some of the Busted guys, so I kind of got grandfathered into it. I even had a crush on one of them so imagine the schoolgirl excitement here.

How do you approach a photo shoot?

I don’t really think about it, which is probably why all my photos are so awkward.

How do you interact with the camera/photographer so you get awesome shots?

Adam (the photographer) is super laid back and so am I, so we just kind of walk around Brooklyn, snapping photos.

Do you think certain thoughts?

I try to stand up straight.

Is there a certain swoosh of the hair that makes it happen?

I cut my super long hair right before my first Busted Tees gig, so I was kind of insecure about that but yeah, the wind has been my friend.

Basically, what I’m asking is what’s going on in the mind of a model during a shoot?

I couldn’t really tell you. I don’t know shit about modeling!

And, what is your favorite trick to get the best shots?

Wow, this is a lot of model-y questions. [Editor: ha ha…I go deep. Let’s figure this shit out. Am I right?]

Where does the name Mukai come from?

I’m half Japanese.

Okay, I did some extensive research of your Twitter.

Tell me about being a “sandwich lovin’ SOB.” What’s your favorite sandwich? If you were to say that out loud would you use the initialism or say the words “son of a bitch?”

S.O.B. I really love all sandwiches, I even have a sandwich tattoo. They’re like my children, I can’t pick favorites. But if I HAD to, I would say a Thanksgiving sandwich with jalapeno chips (crushed up inside).

You mentioned traveling. Where do you go when you need to get out of the country? Do you travel often?

I try to travel but it’s tough to fit it in with everything else. I usually get about 1 trip per year. I’m hoping to go somewhere crazy soon – maybe Peru?

How do you have a picture from the stage at Bonnaroo and pictures with Elmo and astronauts?

I have a lot of jobs that put me in really fun situations.

Can I add that pizza Geisha image to the interview page? Please?

YES! That’s actually from a video shoot for Ty Segall’s “Goodbye Bread”. He asked me to lick his face for the video but I was too shy.

This Tweet is hilarious: “maybe I wouldn’t have such a difficult time expressing myself if I had a few more middle fingers” but it was a month ago. I need more like this. Can you deliver?

Nah, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to Twitter. If you want quips, you’ll have to get ’em the old fashioned way. [Editor: telegram?]

What do you do as Digital Media Director at Big Screen Plaza?

Mainly just work with clients to hammer out the technical details of their corporate event. Exciting stuff.

Your Google+ profile pic looks nothing like your modeling pics at Busted Tees. How do you do that?

That’s before I chopped off my hair and in the low pressure environment of staring into my macbook. I tend to freeze up when there’s an actual camera nearby.

What do you do for fun?

Eat, drink, cook, read comic books.

Best movie you saw recently?

Avengers. Also the new Spiderman.

Band you must absolutely see in person?

I’ve been pretty lucky to see an enormous amount of varied musical acts through work. A couple great ones I’ve seen – Danzig, Alice Cooper, GWAR, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band… I mean if I had a time machine, I’d like to see Ozzy-era Sabbath. They still play but I figure they’re just playing the hits.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?

A huge amount of emo and pop-punk.

Where do you live?


Do you get noticed around town as the Busted Tees model?

Haha, nope, never… but I do get a lot of emails from random people saying they got a picture of me in their inbox.

Where are you from originally (before college)?


Brothers? Sisters?

Yep! One of each.

Favorite Busted Tees shirt?


Definitely the Settlers of Catan shirt.

Do you have a significant other (the readers told me to ask the models that)?


Theoretically, how interested, on a scale from 1 (not very) to 10 (very) would you be into a 41-year-old dude with scabies and a club foot, who lives in his mother’s basement? I’m talking romantically of course.

Well, does he have a sparkling personality?

Is the world going to end this year?


Anything you would like to add? Shoutouts? Links?

Just my deeply neglected social media accounts.

Kristen Mukai Gallery

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