I Dumped Adele T Shirt from T Shirt Hell

by on February 17, 2012

Apparently this chick is an awesome singer and has had a ton of buzz for a year or two. I have never heard her. I did see that that freaky, white-haired simian Karl Lagerfeld called her fat, which is true but isn’t very nice. He tried to make nice by saying, “but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Oops. A little late for the pleasantries you shallow freak. At 78 you really probably shouldn’t give a shit about any of that any more. link:

Get out of the synthetic land of Hollywood and fashion and go gracefully into the night. Actually, screw that. Keep working. And keep being an asshole. It keeps you young at heart and relevant. I mean the dude grabbed some headlines for speaking the obvious.

The thing I don’t like is all the makeup and fake nails and 7″ stiff eyelashes that she has going on. But, most ladies in the spotlight do the same. Alright, I’ll listen to some of the music and judge her by that. Damn.

Anyways, this I Dumped Adele T Shirt is kind of funny, and I guess a little mean again. Would a gorgeous, fit singer get this sort of treatment from T Shirt Hell. Probably not, but that’s the point. Lagerfeld started it and now everybody is either coming to Adele’s defense or piling on meanness.

She has quite a voice on this song. I’m not a fan but gotta give it to her.

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