Moon Flamingo T Shirt

by on March 15, 2010

You know the astronauts are getting comfy up on the moon when they start adding the neighborhood kitsch to the yard. The pink flamingo on the front lawn is the cherry on top to a settled domicile. This is exactly why I think there are communities on the moon right now.  You saw Moon with Sam Rockwell. That’s sci-fi and it was only an energy harvesting station, but take that a little further and you have little bungalos, lawn, picket fences, secret dalliances between neighboring parents, and dogs shitting on the petunia patch. Very happy little American Moon Dream.

Yes, plant the 50 stars in it, because we beat ’em to the moon and we beat them to building the first gated community, and as this shirt shows, we beat them to the “we are totally planting roots right here” flamingo.

Celebrate the United States’ continued dominance in the space race and purchase with your hard-earned money the Moon Flamingo t-shirt.

Headline Shirts dreams of a little place in the suburbs and a couple of kids and a weekly lawn mowing.

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