California Republic Flag: Bear on a Bicycle T-shirt

by on March 9, 2010

California wants to secede from the Union in sort of whimsical way. More light-hearted than Texas’ perpetual arrogant bigger and better than the rest threat.

No, this California Republic movement takes Cali at present all into account: failing economy, meat-head guvnor, a runaway illegal alien population, earthquakes, fires, celebrities, ground-breaking green movement, brown outs, water shortage, potential pot legalization and Fresno.

But, I kind of just like the design of the flag…bear on a bicycle simple clean and cool. Nice aesthetic. Plus, it does capture a vibe to work toward. Just enjoy the perfect weather and ride your bike everywhere and solve the pollution problem. Get a little Amsterdam up in the Golden State.

If you’re in California or like to visit from neighboring states you should probably get this shirt because it’s a statement and it’s hope for the future. Seriously. It’s big stuff. It’s the California Republic Bear on a Bicycle T-shirt.

More California info in case you’re on the fence with this shirt. Californian’s want to own it all.

California Wildfires
California pot legalization
California earthquakes
California gubner
California drought
California  green movement
California celebrity
California bicycles
California bear

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