Napoleon Beach Cruiser Tee Shirt

by on March 3, 2010

This is a lesser known march completed by Napoleon Bonaparte. He had his army storm Normandy on Beach Cruisers. You have to remember at this time, this bicycle technology was very, very cutting edge and it simply baffled the opponents.

Trouble was that the simple seat adjustment mechanism hadn’t been invented and Nappy was super short, so he had to stand up while he road. He couldn’t even reach the peddles with his tippy toes. He tried to erase this from the history books by getting this stylized portrait done. Note he’s touching the peddles, which is totally historically inaccurate.

However, the campaign to be the first to manufacture a fat tire, comfy, cruiser bike, really pushed the bicycle development by quantum leaps. There are always very interesting subtle effects of wars and this was one.

Remember, the Other Napoleonic March, with this very fine Napoleon Beach Cruiser T-shirt.

Final note: If you’re wondering like I often do, how such a shorty can be such a persuasive and powerful leader of men, remember how hard it is to pop a wheelie on a beach cruiser. That kind of exploit COMMANDS RESPECT!

Of course, Headline Shirts recommends that you and/or Napoleon wear a helmet when operating a bicycle.

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