Progress is Overrated Tshirt

by on March 12, 2010

Sort of interesting concept. Yes, they’re sort of making fun, because MP3 players blow doors on the shitty analog tape players. But, again, there’s a more tactile and auditory pleasure in some of the big buttons that you push. The whirring of the winding tape. The importance of taking care of a one-of-a-kind mix tape.

Those are values that have sort of disappeared though there is a retro movement that records its music on cassette tapes, just like there’s still a vinyl contingent out there. Some of these pleasurable things never die, even though convenient technologies deal them powerful blows.

Of course, having millions of songs at my fingertips on Rhapsody or storing 80 trillion songs on my latest generation iPod is pretty fucking compelling so my final analysis is this shirt sucks. With that said there is no real reason you shouldn’t buy it. In fact, you’re a dork if you don’t pony up for the Progress is Overrated T-Shirt.

P.S. I like the concept of appropriate technology. That seems like a very valid and important movement that puts applies some rules and desired results to the game, which helps guide the fine minds making massive advances.

Headline Shirts is like the mix tape from that chick you received during Spring Break junior year of high school.

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