Sasquatch Cyclist T Shirt

by on March 16, 2010

I like the ten speed. I like the big apeish creature. This is a beautiful simple shirt and it’s awesome. Am I right? Am I right here? This is how Big Foot evades capture and even clear photography. He’s on the move fast on the bicycle. He’s got incredible leg strength and can really move the two wheels. Probably even faster than the fastest dudes in the peloton, which reminds me…I love bicycle race crashes. I could watch them for six hours straight. I’m generally not an evil person. I generally don’t wish people ill will, especially those that choose to spend their time competing in a sport that keeps them physically fit, but when they’re in a tight pack and someone goes down, then they all start going down, I get a little giddy. Maybe I’m sharing too much. Maybe too much of my darkness has now clouded over this site. But, there’s something to be said for honesty. I especially love them when there’s a premature celebration.

Anyways, the only way anyone is going to catch this hairy Sasquatch beast is to be lucky enough to be in close proximity when he catches a flat. Because that sucks and even the most experience tube patcher has to take time to fix it.

I know that you love this shirt as much as I do. Make an outward expression of your love by going ahead and buying Sasquatch Cyclist shirt. It’s funny. It’s goofy. And it speaks volumes about your coolness when you’re wearing it.

Headline Shirts has a required built in to all of their employee contracts. You must be very hairy.

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