King Tut Kanye Glasses T-Shirt

by on March 4, 2010

Seems like, not only does Kanye steal samples from other artists, he steals style from other generations. Apparently, King Tut had a pair of them shutter shades that Kanye wears in that Stronger video. Before I go on, can I tell you that that song is a total piece of duke. Any of that Mr. Roboto voice modulation shit is an automatic turn off, almost as repellant as soprano sax.

Next, Kanye is a douche, but we already know that. But, this style is fit for a king OBVIOUSLY. Tut rocked it back in the 1300s before Christ to keep the Egyptian sand out of his eyes. Now, recent discoveries have this eye wear on his sarcophagus, so that’s how important they were to him. Basically, he demanded to take it with him.

I think part of the appeal was the amazing match between the lines of the Tut mask and the lines that these shades offer. Very nice. If you’d like to celebrate the TRUE history of shutter glasses, and slap Kanye in the face slightly, go ahead and get yourself this King Tut Kanye Glasses Tee.

If you want the glasses themselves and have $10 burning a hole in your pocket check these out.

If you’re in the Bay Area any time soon, you’ll probably not to see Tut rockin’ this eyewear for yourself.

And, of course, if you want to see a Tut Poser, go ahead and mute your computer and watch the video:

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