I Won the Nobel Prize in Making Delicious Pies Tee Shirt

by on March 6, 2010

Hey, if Obama can win the Nobel Peace Prize even though he’s increased defense spending in the U.S., we might as well start giving away the prize for things that warm the heart and fill the belly. That’s a noble Nobel. It’s the Nobel Pies.

Anyway, pies are an underrated desert for sure. They should definitely be featured more than cake, yet cake is the NFL to the pie NHL. So, let’s recap, I’ve dropped politics, sports and pie baking all within 100 words. I am eclectic and impressive and to prove it I’ll add another dimension to the multifaceted, fascinating posts.

Funny Tshirts. You can get this powerful statement immortalized on a soft, form-fitting American Apparel tee and it will be terrific. Brag on yourself…it’s alright. Wear the I Won the Nobel Prize in Making Delicious Pies Tee Shirt.

Although the Nobel Pie Prize is totally legit, here’s a list of awards you don’t really want to win.

Snorg Tees do not make me sneeze, like all of the others.

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