I Do Mass Quantities of Code T-shirt

by on March 10, 2010

Big thumbs up for the combination of wordplay and hardcore code graphic. Code is to the 10s like cocaine is to the 80s. It’s an epidemic, but it may have more staying power because it props up a more sustainable industry than the 80s drug trade. This makes it much scarier because the kids hopped up on Ephedrine and Mountain Dew are pumping out copious amounts of the stuff that make the world go ’round.

Is there such a thing as flying too close to the sun? Is our technology growing too rapidly. Are our speed coders creating a new world order that is out of control. I don’t really care, because I’ll be dead before the real heavy stuff with robots, artificial intelligence, and polka dot mice comes down. In the mean time wear this shirt and enjoy your Assistant to Masters of the Universe status.

Get it on your body my man: I Do Mass Quantities of Code Tee.

Headline Shirts celebrates all the programmers of the world, unless that programmer is a dick, then forget about it.

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