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I have no idea what this is about. I’ve never played in Super Mario. I know mushrooms give you power ups, lives and more, but I don’t think anybody is eating this dude who kind of looks like that Jackass midget, Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, with a big Mario mushroom looking turban, and a buff bod. So, maybe you become friends with him or punch him or what the hell. I don’t know, and I don’t want to go and try to find out.

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Live a Little T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

This shirt needs absolutely no explanation because it is farkin’ hilarious from the get. You know what I’m going to do to honor the brilliance of this Live a Little T Shirt? I’m going to list every little thing that shows up in its grid of awesomeness.

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Can someone tell me who the final dude is? Is it Jason Stackhouse from the True Blood TV show, or is it…just kidding I totally know that’s Edward Cullen played by Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movies. I didn’t even have to go to IMDB to figure that out, because I know all of this vampire shit by heart.

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Took me a second but I picked up the humor here. At first I thought it was a dorky attempt at getting a classic Clint Eastwood line on a t shirt, and the Earth packing a gun, sort of legitimized that notion, but then I realized what Snorg Tees was getting at. The sun makes Earth’s day everyday. Whatever side of the Earth is pointing at the sun gets a day made.

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Pretty funny song in the movie Eurotrip by the fictional band Lustra headed by lead singer, Matt Damon! Does it get any better than that? In the following clip Damon brings up Fiona and basically dry humps her as he sings about how her boyfriend doesn’t know that they’re sex buddies. Guess what Scotty is in the front row listening to the song, and he’s a little bit crushed by the news.

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What we have here is a thinking person’s wordplay shirt. And a good one at that. Not sure why our humanitarian is some fuzzy, one-eyed beastasaur, nor why our soon to be victim is eating some kind of nasty boiled spinach, but the message is still there and it’s still funny.

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This is the other shirt in the two shirt series commemorating that cinematic masterpiece Dude Where’s My Car. If you missed yesterday’s installment, this is the tattoo Seann (really…two n’s) William Scott gets playing Chester Greenburg in the movie. I actually have not seen this film…I know, I know…inexcusable and shame on me. It won’t happen again, but how do they go into a tattoo shop and not know what they are getting? Must have been some crazy hijinx because that’s what always happens in those two stupid buddy movies. Right?

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Nice mock tattoo in honor of the Dude Where’s My Car scene where they get tattoos, and Ashton Kutcher asks Seann William Scott what his says and Scott says “Dude, what’s mine say.” And Kutcher says “Sweet, what’s mine say,” and they keep doing this Who’s on First routine for a while, because you see the tattoos actually do say Dude and Sweet.

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Have you seen Beerfest? If so, I don’t need to tell you the Broken Lizard hit about a triple with this one. It’s not a home run but it’s an extra base hit, and you know what, as any baseball player will tell you, that’s pretty good. I would highly recommend any triple movies. If you’re into retarded comedies then, of course, you need to see this one. The Das Boot When the Bubble Comes Turn the Boot  T shirt is a little obscure, which I think adds a little more mystique and desirability to it.

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I liked this movie, and this was a nice scene in the car driving up to the ski resort. John Cusack’s character, Adam talks about how he broke up with the chick he had lost his virginity to in one of the shuttered bars in the ghost town that used to be a hoppin’ resort. Craig Robinson as Nick Weber, and Rob Corddry, as Lou Dorchen, recall how hot the girl was and can’t believe Adam dumped her. Adam was second guessing it as well, because all they did was listen to records and have sex.

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I admit I liked the movie. Carrell and Arkin were funny. The story was cute and snappy and quirky. It was worth the time spent watching it. And the prorated cost of my Netflix subscription. However, I also understand the people that thought it was to sappy and pretentious and a little stupid. Like the girl winning the pageant or contest or whatever, when really, they should have steered clear of the whole bullshit, superficial scene. Which is where this Little Miss Fucking Sunshine T Shirt comes in.

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Nice modernized version of you had me at hello. You saunter over to a girl with this You had Me at ‘Sup T Shirt and you say, “sup,” of course. And, she melts because your actions match your words on your shirt, and in this day and age that is the epitome of integrity.

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