You Had Me at ‘Sup T Shirt

by on February 1, 2011

Nice modernized version of you had me at hello. You saunter over to a girl with this You had Me at ‘Sup T Shirt and you say, “sup,” of course. And, she melts because your actions match your words on your shirt, and in this day and age that is the epitome of integrity.

And, so it goes, just as Busted Tees knows. She falls in love with you and your big curly hair, and you like that she’s falling in love with you, and that you might get some action this evening. Then it becomes like regular action and regular ‘sups, and all of a sudden you’re a thing. Then, you’re and item. Then you’re a maybe will get engaged. Then you’re engaged. Then you’re married. Kids. Grand kids. And, then, you’re telling everybody that will listen that she said you had her at Sup. Guess it’s sort of like Up.

Oh, I guess there’s also a Jerry Maguire with You Had Me at Hello, so this is a little play on that as well. Cruise runs.

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