Beerfest Das Boot When the Bubble Comes Turn the Boot T Shirt

by on February 4, 2011

Have you seen Beerfest? If so, I don’t need to tell you the Broken Lizard hit about a triple with this one. It’s not a home run but it’s an extra base hit, and you know what, as any baseball player will tell you, that’s pretty good. I would highly recommend any triple movies. If you’re into retarded comedies then, of course, you need to see this one. The Das Boot When the Bubble Comes Turn the Boot  T shirt is a little obscure, which I think adds a little more mystique and desirability to it.

Deez Teez doesn’t mess around when it comes to making shirts inspired by movies. They take some of the best scenes and capture them beautifully.

Check out one of the many drinking out of a glass boot scenes in the movie:

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