Eurotrip Lustra Matt Damon Scotty Doesn’t Know T Shirt

by on February 12, 2011

Pretty funny song in the movie Eurotrip by the fictional band Lustra headed by lead singer, Matt Damon! Does it get any better than that? In the following clip Damon brings up Fiona and basically dry humps her as he sings about how her boyfriend doesn’t know that they’re sex buddies. Guess what Scotty is in the front row listening to the song, and he’s a little bit crushed by the news.

You dig the movie. You love the song. And, now, you need the Scotty Doesn’t Know T Shirt to make your life complete. Am I right? Of course, I am and Snorg Tees is here to help you fulfill your dreams.

Man, Matt Damon is such a versatile dude. He’s an International spy. He’s a rocker. He’s a math genius. Wait…I’m running out of stuff, let me go look at his IMDB page. Just a minute. He’s a rugby player. He’s a LaBoeuf. He’s a police officer. And, he’s a whole lot of other types of dudes. Range, baby. Range.

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