Dude Where’s My Car Tattoo Sweet T Shirt

by on February 5, 2011

This is the other shirt in the two shirt series commemorating that cinematic masterpiece Dude Where’s My Car. If you missed yesterday’s installment, this is the tattoo Seann (really…two n’s) William Scott gets playing Chester Greenburg in the movie. I actually have not seen this film…I know, I know…inexcusable and shame on me. It won’t happen again, but how do they go into a tattoo shop and not know what they are getting? Must have been some crazy hijinx because that’s what always happens in those two stupid buddy movies. Right?

Deez Teez did their job by putting this wondertastic Sweet Tattoo T shirt into the world, now you do yours by describing the entire scene where they go into the Asian tattoo shop and come out with Dude and Sweet tattoos. Sure, go ahead, just use the comment section below.

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