Dirty Harry Sun and Earth Go Ahead Make My Day T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

Took me a second but I picked up the humor here. At first I thought it was a dorky attempt at getting a classic Clint Eastwood line on a t shirt, and the Earth packing a gun, sort of legitimized that notion, but then I realized what Snorg Tees was getting at. The sun makes Earth’s day everyday. Whatever side of the Earth is pointing at the sun gets a day made.

So, maybe this was an ancient negotiation. The Earth wasn’t getting a daily day. Perhaps he was spinnin’ round and round and discovered that the sun was only on the job part time. Earth knew this would be bad for the inhabitants that would soon populate, so he picked up the gun and decided to “make a deal.” The Sun saw that Earth was totally serious, so he agreed and now he’s shining 24/7. Meanwhile, Earth figured out that he had to spin on his axis to get the entire planet a bit of sun.

Nice bit of history here. Get the Sun and Earth Go Ahead and Make My Day T Shirt.

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