Live a Little T Shirt

by on February 15, 2011

This shirt needs absolutely no explanation because it is farkin’ hilarious from the get. You know what I’m going to do to honor the brilliance of this Live a Little T Shirt? I’m going to list every little thing that shows up in its grid of awesomeness.

What says you are living life to its fullest more than the following:

Razor blade – one word – coke.
Analog tape cassette – mixed tape to get the girl.
Skull – not enough of these around these days – everybody needs one. Forget the cow skull…go human.
Slice of pizza – gluten and dairy and meat all melted into a wedge of delight.
Lightening – shit is hair raising.
Basketball – best sport on planet Earth.
Anchor – gotta have balls to get into boating.
Cash money USD – riding on the bus with no dough sucks.
Airplane – gotta see the sights in far away places.
Capsule – tranquilizers or meth…either way good times.
Clip on tie – quick get professional.
Calculator Watch – oozes confidence and brains.
Bottle – I want to say booze, but that thing looks like it has a sprayer on top, which would make it a bottle of hair spray – both awesome things
Brass knuckles – shit hurts.
Camera film – can’t get that texture with that camera phone.

That was a rhetorical question and Busted Tees knows the answer. Nothing. Oh wait, rhetorical questions have no answer. Wait…maybe they do…the obvious. I’ve all of a sudden become very confused.

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