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TV Tshirts: The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, South Park, The Office, Mad Men…you know that shows that have cult followings and deserve many, many awesome tee designs to celebrate them.

Macgruber Tshirt

by on June 2, 2010

In this day and age, you really must come to terms with some of the demands on your life that you must meet, in order to keep the evolution of the human specifies on track. Specifically, I’m talking about how, as a modern day person, you must celebrate fine comedic films with a tshirt.

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It’s the good old classic TWSS now at Nerdy Shirts as well. You cannot go wrong with this shirt because it is a guaranteed funny in any and all occasions. You left in to melt in the sun. That’s what she said. You bought the wrong one. That’s what she said. You stink like a dying rhino. That’s what she said. Your candy is too expensive. That’s what she said. That airplane is flying low. That’s what she said. Turn on the AC. That’s what she said. If that proud imbecile Sarah Palin becomes President I’ll move to Siberia. That’s what she said.

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Hey. PAC-MAN is 30 and you should celebrate by wearing Pacman shirts for the next 13 months. Non-stop. It’s only right if you respect the groundbreaking game. The OG of video games.

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Three questions:

How come this shirt doesn’t say I survived Lost and all I got was this lousy tshirt.?That’s more funny than this one and, let me tell you, this one is funny, what with all the crazy mind fuck shenanigans those Lost creators pulled.

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You see from 2002 to 2008 HBO aired a gritty cop drama set in Baltimore called The Wire. It’s all about the war on drugs, and it’s supposedly totally realistic. And, my friends watch it and can sprinkle tough guy street language and drug references into our everyday conversations, and I just stop and say “damn” maing you been doin’ some hard life livin’. But, then I remember they just park they asses on the couch and watch the box set.

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Celebrate the go getters, who sacrifice health, well-being, relationships, and possibly even sanity to get ahead in the competitive world. Annie Adderall is the poster child for psychostimulants, proving once again the ADHD is not a disease of disfunction, rather a reminder that there’s tons of shit to see and do in this life.

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We’re are a nation of getting’ clean, because we are a nation of getting’ fucked up. Dr. Drew didn’t make the shirt, but he’s taken the addiction cycle spectacle to another level entirely with his celebrity rehab reality show. But, yes, Betty White was the original OG in this regard. Oh, shit…I’m thinking of Betty Ford. Nevermind. Who the hell is Betty White. Let’s start this over.

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Even though on the surface you may look like you’re dressing to go to a fish fry, in reality you’re making a savvy move to attract the ladies on a subconscious level. This shirt totally throws off a very strong masculine vibe and even the most strong women will find themselves strangely compelled to chat with you. To eye your every move with sideways glances. To feel their pulse in their neck on the sly.

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If anything is a Nerdy Shirt, this certainly qualifies: a fake concert tee from a cartoon band in an animated sitcom called Doug from the 90s. Nerd. Geek. And, if you’re into it, I suppose this one fine prized piece of apparel.

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You’re wearing that ugly team building exercise tshirt from your old work and it’s never looked better on you. It’s business time with the yellow tipped socks on!

See, be careful with buying the It’s Business Time: Flight of the Conchords tshirt because what might happen is that it becomes your Wednesday night uniform. Pre-determined night that you make love. If you get this shirt you may start to fetishize the shirt. You may start to make it a necessary part of your love making business time routine to the point where if you’re out of town, and you think that hotel bed sex is hot, you won’t be able to do it. You won’t be able to get it up because you forgot your business time tshirt. And when you don’t have your business time tshirt and your yellow tipped socks, you cannot DO IT.

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I’m a casual watcher of Jeopardy, meaning I’ve seen it while standing in the TV section of Sears waiting for my mom to buy my sister’s back to school blouses ,or was that my dad replacing a crescent wrench I lost. Anyway, not a hard core fan of the show, but even I know Alex Trebek is a smug a-hole. So, when Sean Connery writes Suck it Trebek, I laugh heartily.

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Bob Ross (rest his soul) kills it painting trees. You can’t stump him. Evergreen, dogwood, oak, maple, apple. Doesn’t matter, he’s going to be able to show you how to do it. The dirty little secret behind this show is that he makes it look totally easy with his simple easel and old school palette, but the real power comes from Bob’s afro. If you don’t have an afro, then you will never be able to paint like this. You might be able to get away with not having the beard, but the afro is crucial. Don’t even get your hopes up if you have straight hair. Maybe if you get a high end permanent, but that’s stretching it.

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