Macgruber Tshirt

by on June 2, 2010

In this day and age, you really must come to terms with some of the demands on your life that you must meet, in order to keep the evolution of the human specifies on track. Specifically, I’m talking about how, as a modern day person, you must celebrate fine comedic films with a tshirt.

This will spread the word for those Neanderthal’s that are not keeping up with the good cinema, and it will create the perfect documentation of this age for future generations, so they can remember the lessons of history and move forward with wisdom.

It’s heavy, but I’m going to make it real easy to fulfill your destined duty. Just pull out your credit card and buy the Macgruber Tshirt. Seriously. It’s a little elbow grease and a little sweat on the brow, but think of the amazing benefits to the planet and humankind.

Macgruber red band trailer because this movie actually looks funny, unlike 92% of SNL skits taken to the silverscreen:

Nerdy Shirts doing the Lord’s work 24/7.

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