The Office That’s What She Said Tshirt

by on May 30, 2010

It’s the good old classic TWSS now at Nerdy Shirts as well. You cannot go wrong with this shirt because it is a guaranteed funny in any and all occasions. You left in to melt in the sun. That’s what she said. You bought the wrong one. That’s what she said. You stink like a dying rhino. That’s what she said. Your candy is too expensive. That’s what she said. That airplane is flying low. That’s what she said. Turn on the AC. That’s what she said. If that proud imbecile Sarah Palin becomes President I’ll move to Siberia. That’s what she said.

I think you might get the idea. And now for some actual examples from the TV show The Office which is where this apparently originated. Who knew? Also, check out who’s in said TV Steve Carell, who was the 40-year-old Virgin and the retard in Anchorman. He’s funny.

Of course, this could all be a big misunderstanding and this tshirt is simply celebrating My Rude Awakening’s song by the same name.

Whatever the case you obviously need the That’s What She Said T-shirt.

Nerdy Shirts are hot. That’s what she said.

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