Pacman Ghost Catcher Ghost Buster Tshirt

by on May 28, 2010

Hey. PAC-MAN is 30 and you should celebrate by wearing Pacman shirts for the next 13 months. Non-stop. It’s only right if you respect the groundbreaking game. The OG of video games.

You get double your pleasure if you’re also a campy comedy fan. Yeah, that’s right this shirt also gives a nod to Ghostbusters. Who you gonna call?

Let me go over this too good to pass up deal one more time. Not only do you get the Pac Man on your shirt just as it turns 30, you also get a GhostBusters reference at no additional charge. You would have to be crazy not to pounce on this offer, just like pac man would pounce on a pill or Bill Murray would pounce on a ghost or Oprah would pound on a cheesesteak.

Get Pacman Ghost Catcher Ghost Buster Tshirt.

Do you remember the time you and Busted Tees kissed under the cherry tree?

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