In Betty White We Trust Tshirt

by on May 8, 2010

We’re are a nation of getting’ clean, because we are a nation of getting’ fucked up. Dr. Drew didn’t make the shirt, but he’s taken the addiction cycle spectacle to another level entirely with his celebrity rehab reality show. But, yes, Betty White was the original OG in this regard. Oh, shit…I’m thinking of Betty Ford. Nevermind. Who the hell is Betty White. Let’s start this over.

Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler More Show and Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls. Lady looks good in her late 80s. Animal activist. Roasting William Shatner. And, of course, recent target of a viral campaign to get her a spot as the host of Saturday Night Live, May 8, 2010. Check the Facebook (509,561 fans as of this writing) if you don’t believe that an 88-year-old has ridden a public opinion wave to host the SNL.

Crazy crazy Internet memes. Join the new world madness and get yourself an In Betty White We Trust Tshirt to say you were there when all this random shit happened.

Busted Tees is slated to host SNL sometime soon. I’m sure of it.

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