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Random T Shirts: If I find myself wondering how I’m going to tag a shirt, it usually winds up in the random tee pile.

La Fraise produces really interesting and eye-pleasing designs. Here we have a white t-shirt with a pink tie that is being painted, dangerously, by a man in a black suit. It’s like a combination of fashion design, house painter, and circus performer (you know those circus peeps that get all wrapped up in those silks and spin around, and you think they’re going to hit the ground but they don’t because they’ve practiced the moves 6 million times, but still…)

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It’s a seal with his flippers wide as in he approves, and the design makes it look like the seal is in a seal of approval, which is officially wordplay. That’s right Seal of Approval T Shirt, you just made it into the most coveted of categories…WORDPLAY. Congrats!

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Damn. Those rims are fine on those stationary bikes. Cool thing is if you stop working, it still looks like your pumpin’ because the rims keep spinning. Awesome if you’re trying to impress someone across the room. They can’t really tell because of the angle that you’re not pedaling, but they can see the glint of the rims spinning, so they think you’ve been goin’ hard for 45 minutes straight, when really you smoked and drank way too much last night and felt nauseous after 3 minutes.

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This would be as good a ticket as any. Maybe better. These two probably wouldn’t worry as much about keeping the status quo and blowing Super Pacs and kowtowing to the evil financial industry elite. They have money. They don’t to worry about jumping through the revolving door from corporate politician to corporate board room.

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In case that image is too small for you to read the copy on this shirt here’s a transcript I spent the last 45 minutes typing out. Criteria for the proper tactical usage of the phrase “oh snap.” A flowchart. Did someone get told? Yes — Oh snap. No — Tell them.

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Not necessarily super funny, but these Plumpy animals make me smile, so I think that counts, especially on Mother’s Day. By the way I wish I could take credit for calling the creatures on this Plumpy Mother and Child T Shirt plumpy, but that credit goes to the designer, Anastasiia Kucherenko.

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This is Sheldon Cooper at his finest. Superhero tee, smile, and a goofy statement. You probably really want this I’m Not Insane My Mother Had Me Tested T Shirt because all of the important elements came together very nicely. And I give Lauren Eldridge-Murray much credit for that, since she designed it and made it available for sale at Red Bubble.

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Available in Men's and Women's Sizes and Styles.

Only hardcore coffee drinkers really understand what this I’m Java Whipped T Shirt really means. Basically, once you hit a certain point of caffeine consumption, you have to sort of organize your life around the cuppa joes. Let’s see. Start at 7:30. That’ll get me to 10:30…maybe, unless I stayed up way too late to watch the Nuggets destroy the Lakers. Then after lunch I’ll need a little pick me up, because eating makes me sleepy. And what about the 2:30 doldrums.

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Great design by Ken Marshall. That things is psychedelic and funny and trippy, and a hot mess with stone-cold coolness too. You have a mouth with a gold tooth, a cobra, a love brand boxing glove, the word vroom, a street fight with innocent looking children, a crown, flashes, bangs, booms, and cityscapes. You could look at this Training for Utopia T Shirt and discover new and wondrous things for the next few weeks.

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Love skulls. Love bicycles. Love this Ride or Die T Shirt. I’d stop there because I think that’s all that really needs to be said, but my editor is telling me I gotta go for at least 150 words on this one. 150 words. It’s so clearly a perfect design by Michael Muirhead, the product shot does all the talking.

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I really go for big animals blowing pink bubble gum bubbles. There’s a bull blowing a bubble in another Threadless shirt that I think is just spectacular. But, this Jumbo Bubble Gum T Shirt is also very fine, and you should probably get it if you’re a full on bubble gum fan. I guess it would help if you like elephants too, but I’m not sure that’s totally necessary.

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Aw cute. Well it’s cute until the other T Rex is like no really, that’s not very much. And then the first T Rex is like, dude, I have short arms…I made them as wide as I could. You can’t ask for more than that. Then the other T Rex says you could have picked up a couple of long sticks or something. And then the first T Rex says but I wanted it to be organic. Adding sticks to the equation wouldn’t have felt natural.

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