Spinners T Shirt from Rizzo Tees

by on May 13, 2012

Damn. Those rims are fine on those stationary bikes. Cool thing is if you stop working, it still looks like your pumpin’ because the rims keep spinning. Awesome if you’re trying to impress someone across the room. They can’t really tell because of the angle that you’re not pedaling, but they can see the glint of the rims spinning, so they think you’ve been goin’ hard for 45 minutes straight, when really you smoked and drank way too much last night and felt nauseous after 3 minutes.

Pretty unlikely story…what with the person seeing the rims spinning but not your feet. And why they would awesome you’re pedaling when they can clearly see these rims keep going for like seven minutes after someone gets off the bike. This is as close as we Earthlings have come to perpetual motion.

And, that is obviously why you should get this Spinners T Shirt immediately.

Rizzo Tees keeps it real with the threads as you can see.

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