I’m Java Whipped T Shirt from Javaboi

by on May 11, 2012

Available in Men's and Women's Sizes and Styles.

Only hardcore coffee drinkers really understand what this I’m Java Whipped T Shirt really means. Basically, once you hit a certain point of caffeine consumption, you have to sort of organize your life around the cuppa joes. Let’s see. Start at 7:30. That’ll get me to 10:30…maybe, unless I stayed up way too late to watch the Nuggets destroy the Lakers. Then after lunch I’ll need a little pick me up, because eating makes me sleepy. And what about the 2:30 doldrums.

It’s either candy or coffee, and coffee is a much better bet for keeping my metabolism rollin’. Okay, one more after dinner, so I can keep my eyes open for the evening. Did I mention these are like travel mug drinks. 16 ounces. That’s Java Whipped. Of course, if you want to get all literal and talk about actually dropping all kinds of creams and flavorings in there, that’s fine, but the whole idea conjures up a real addiction to the best drug in the world with whipped cream on top.

Nice shirt! Coffee drinkers unite. Javaboi is the place to get the gear to feel part of the community.

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