Training For Utopia T Shirt from Threadless

by on May 11, 2012

Great design by Ken Marshall. That things is psychedelic and funny and trippy, and a hot mess with stone-cold coolness too. You have a mouth with a gold tooth, a cobra, a love brand boxing glove, the word vroom, a street fight with innocent looking children, a crown, flashes, bangs, booms, and cityscapes. You could look at this Training for Utopia T Shirt and discover new and wondrous things for the next few weeks.

Very cool design that just got reprinted by Threadless. You know what that means right? The community voted to print it, then it sold out, then the community took it upon themselves to request a reprint, which also happened.

This is a hot design and if you like blue ice creams, rubber rockets, Kung Fu and water spigots, then you probably need to pick this one up.

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