Jumbo Bubble Gum T Shirt from Threadless

by on May 11, 2012

I really go for big animals blowing pink bubble gum bubbles. There’s a bull blowing a bubble in another Threadless shirt that I think is just spectacular. But, this Jumbo Bubble Gum T Shirt is also very fine, and you should probably get it if you’re a full on bubble gum fan. I guess it would help if you like elephants too, but I’m not sure that’s totally necessary.

The trouble I have with this photo is that elephant’s probably in trouble if he’s blowing bubbles out of his trunk. The trunk is the equivalent of the nose, right? I mean, that can’t be too comfortable. Imagine chewing a pack of Hubba Bubba with your nostrils and blowing bubbles like 10 feet in diameter. You might not be in a good place after doing that.

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