Oh Snap Flowchart T Shirt from Rizzo Tees

by on May 13, 2012

In case that image is too small for you to read the copy on this shirt here’s a transcript I spent the last 45 minutes typing out. Criteria for the proper tactical usage of the phrase “oh snap.” A flowchart. Did someone get told? Yes — Oh snap. No — Tell them.

That’s funny, which is why I highly recommend purchasing this Oh Snap Flowchart T Shirt right now. You’ll will look really cool, while wearing this. You could be a greasy troll and still get the right kind of attention wearing this shirt designed by Rizzo Tees.

Not sure how much more I can do to convince you that this tee will change your life for the better and for good.

BUY THE SHIRT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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