PainTIE T Shirt from La Fraise

by on May 14, 2012

La Fraise produces really interesting and eye-pleasing designs. Here we have a white t-shirt with a pink tie that is being painted, dangerously, by a man in a black suit. It’s like a combination of fashion design, house painter, and circus performer (you know those circus peeps that get all wrapped up in those silks and spin around, and you think they’re going to hit the ground but they don’t because they’ve practiced the moves 6 million times, but still…)

This pink tie painter looks like he’s holding on for dear life. Must be a special kind of paint because it dries thick and strong, so that a grown man can hang from it.

Ha ha. Enough goofing on this PainTIE T Shirt. It’s really cool looking and can be warn alone or with a suit jacket, so it’s very versatile, which is always a welcome addition to a sophisticated wardrobe.

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