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Dr. The Who T Shirt

by on March 29, 2011

Let me explain this. You have a mashup right here. Dr. Who is an old television program that was part metaphysical sci-fi, part dorky. It seems that maybe there’s a remake out there now, so that’s not very interesting. And, The Who, of course, was a really overrated band from the UK that pumped out about three good songs and 97 terrible ones. Plus, their guitarist, Peter Townsend, got caught looking at young things he shouldn’t have been looking at. He did give the world the windmill guitar strum and the smashing guitar schtick so that’s pretty cool but that Internet disgression is hard to forgive. So, you have The Who logo with the words Dr. Who on this finely crafted Dr. The Who T Shirt.

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Beat up that beat you guido. The roided, fake tan beasts of Jersey Shore do the fist pump. They start pounding the ground and moves higher until it’s all up in the air. Raining down the pump. It’s so primal and plastic. It’s an amazing paradox and that’s why each man, woman and child in the United States and abroad loves the Jersey Shore, can’t get enough of the Jersey Shore. And, that’s why there will be millions of these Fist Pump T Shirts floating around in the Universe as people continue to capture the magic of the plasti-primal.

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Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris in the TV show How I Met Your Mother, has a few pet sayings including Suit Up and Legen Wait For It Dary and high five. Funny stuff if you’re into TV comedy, which I’m not because I don’t have time to watch TV because I’m too busy watching Internet.

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Steve Buscemi plays this dude Nucky Thompson in the HBO show Boardwalk Empire, who is based on a real life dude named Nucky Johnson. Seems like a pretty interesting cat. Kind of ran the rum running racket and the gambling racket on the Atlantic City Boardwalk during prohibition. Any money for protection to continue running illegal operations also went through Nucky, so he certainly was the de facto treasurer.

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Of course, Caprica City is the capital city of the planet Caprica. There’s a wiki about it, so it must be incredibly important, like the world economy and Japan’s recovery process.

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Only the winners survive. This isn’t the Adonis DNA training camp t shirt. This is the Tiger Blood Training Camp T Shirt. You have to bring your A game just to make it into the camp. Sheen is going to be there with his intense focus, and he’ll be watching every entrant, and if you don’t measure up, if your not buzzing on a higher frequency then you are not going to make it. Sheen is going to have one of his girlfriends, or Sean Penn, or Colin Farrel or Mel Gibson, escort you off the premises. Then where will you be. With all of the other schlubs that are not winning and just living vicariously through the real winners.

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Is this like a reversal on the whole Fox Mulder wants to believe in all this paranormal, alien and ghost shit, but despite all of this compelling evidence his rational mind still thinks there are plausible explanations that don’t involve anything beyond what he can see and touch on a normal sunny day? This is an alien boy on this I Wanna Belieb T Shirt, who, perhaps, doesn’t believe in Fox Mulder or David Duchovny or Dana Scully or Gillian Anderson, but he wants to because he hears The X-Files is a great show, and that The X-Files I Want to Believe movie was loved by all the fans of the show.

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College Humor put together a chillingly accurate portrayal of what college is really like in the form of a University advertisement. It’s pretty bitchin’ and humorous, and cuts right to the chase. It’s the honest college ad that says “Why not consider the school U.S. News and World Report once called ‘adequate’.”

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Another shirt offering celebrating the latest from The Lonely Island crew. They can pretty much do no wrong, so buying this Like a Boss T Shirt is pretty much a no brainer. Gotta get it. Especially if you are  a nominally successful boss. Don’t wear this to work if you’re like some bullshit middle manager with 1 employee and an occasional temp. That’s not funny.

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I didn’t catch this quote from the Charlie Sheen saga, so maybe I need to do a little YouTube research to see where this particular My Boyfriend has Adonis DNA T shirt is coming from.

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Charlie Sheen has been spectacular and you gotta give him his props. He gets up early and gets the workout done. He spends time with the kids. He brings home the bacon. Highest paid TV show actor per episode ever and now he gets paid for sponsored Twitter tweets. And, of course, he parties hard with the drugs. Finally, he copulates with two young hotties nightly. Actually, I’m not sure I’m calling them hotties. I’ll ask you my fine readership. Are Sheen’s live in girlfriends hotties?

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Sheen has quite a team developing. I think people are half celebrating that he’s gone bat shit crazy and is willing to display that in its full glory on TV, and half celebrating that he’s opening the curtain a true rock star party lifestyle replete with drugs and broads. Whatever it is, it’s compelling and has captured the public imagination. Some people say they won’t feed off this any more because it’s taking advantage of a mental illness. Others say, this is a public figure and he’s putting himself out there, so have at it. I think I’m probably in the second camp, especially since I think Charlie has pumped a little gas into the thing, meaning he’s hamming it up for the camera.

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