Lonely Island Like a Boss T Shirt

by on March 8, 2011

Another shirt offering celebrating the latest from The Lonely Island crew. They can pretty much do no wrong, so buying this Like a Boss T Shirt is pretty much a no brainer. Gotta get it. Especially if you are  a nominally successful boss. Don’t wear this to work if you’re like some bullshit middle manager with 1 employee and an occasional temp. That’s not funny.

You either have to be in the C-Suite – that’s the corporate mailing list speak for CEO, CMO, CFO and all those upper-upper managers. Or you have to be a lowly scrub, or self-employed, or unemployed (but with enough cash to blow on a silly shirt). If you qualify, Snorg Tees will then take your cash and send you this magnificent piece of clothing.

Wait…am I missing something. I don’t remember that horned beast at all. I remember Samberg fucking that fish monster, but not a scary 8-bit horned beast.

Hey, be one of the first to see the video. Oh wait, scratch that…be the 47,597,389th to see this video. Still an elite crowd, after all there’s 7 billion people on the planet.

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